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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Finally got in the car late yesterday afternoon to run to the grocery store. It was a heck of a lot slicker than I expected. Can I say that I'm a great fish-tail stopper? (Which feels really weird to type.)
  • I've got a house with very high ceilings. The concept of heat rising is on full display. As well as the concept of my-gas-bill-is-going-to-be-outrageous.
  • It seemed like every time the local news showed a stuck truck on a freeway yesterday it belonged to Fed Ex. 
  • Watched March of the Penguins again last night. Fantastic.
  • Can't get Mrs. LL to appreciate Arrested Development as much as I do. 
  • Team Media Day during Super Bowl week is a time waste. (But the hot Mexican reporter was there.)
  • I saw in the paper that a guy from Boyd was arrested for DWI and the cops found child porn on his cell phone.  That'll be an interesting legal issue: Can the cops search a cell phone after an arrest without a warrant? I've never researched that one but I would suspect there have been some court decisions on it by now. 
  • Child porn is bad enough but do you really need to keep it on your cell phone?
  • After the Steelers arrived on Monday, several of them promptly visited a strip club. They can't keep away for one week?
  • Well, the Family Cat knocked over a plant I had kept alive for eight years so many times that it died. (The plant, not the cat.)  I'm sure the cat is very, very sorry. Edit 8 hours later: That was the worst sentence I've ever written. 
  • The developments in Egypt were exciting to watch yesterday. But there is this feeling that the Middle East is on the verge of collapse.
  • This morning there were 15 minute intentional rolling black outs all over the State due to power demands. Dallas was being hit pretty hard by it. Oncor is having major issues. (Update: Some of the reports are saying power is going out for over an hour. And when it impacts psuedo-important ESPN employees, this isn't good for Dallas.)
  • It was supposed to get into single digits last night. It didn't make it. (But I did walk outside around midnight to see what negative wind chill felt like. Verdict: I got back inside.)
  • Why do we care what someone's Super Bowl prediction is? 
  • If the news would put a live camera on a slick portion of the highway which has traffic and stick with it, I think I'd watch it all day. (Fox 4 did this about three years ago and it was big time entertainment.)
  • Had six kids in the house at one time yesterday. Try watching a documentary with that going on.