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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Anyone else about to go crazy?
  • Actually walked the dogs around the block yesterday. The fear of slipping and ending up unconsciousness in 19 degree weather kind of took the joy out of it. 
  • Watched Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work last night. I'm really indifferent towards her, but that documentary was fantastic. 
  • Earlier Mrs. LL and I were trying to watch a movie which didn't seem appropriate for kids so I kept my finger on the  pause/change button in case they walked in. Moments later I learned that if a kid thinks you are trying to hide something from them then their curiosity meter goes off the chart. 
  • Just looked up at the TV and saw a Fed Ex truck wrecked on some freeway. Like I said yesterday, those things are wrecked everywhere.
  • Dallas County [Administrative] Judge Clay Jenkins has kept the Dallas County government and courthouse open all week. That didn't serve much of a purpose since the DA's office and basically every judge shut down, and he received a lot of criticism for it. Yesterday, on his way to work, he slipped and broke his leg
  • Question: Jimmy Johnson spent the entire day yesterday making quick appearances on local TV stations and every radio station on Radio Row at the Super Bowl media center. He was promoting some liquor company and it's free ride home program for Sunday.  Basically, the company knows any station will want Jimmy on, those stations agree to let him promote the product for a bit, and then they can talk to him about anything else. Question: How much does it cost to hire Jimmy Johnson for one day of work like that? I'd guess $200,000 but I might be way off. 
  • The conflict in Egypt yesterday was riveting television.  I really don't know anything about the country, but it sure looks like it's about to implode.  But does the public not have guns? 
  • I had a pipe freeze yesterday which scared me to death as I pictured the house flooded. But I must have caught it early because a hair dryer and a couple of minutes solved the problem. I've had is in Slow Drip Mode ever since.
  • There was a heck of an apartment/condo fire in Dallas this morning off of Central Expressway. 
  • The cars stuck on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago may have been one of the craziest things this storm has caused.