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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • With he focus is on Cowboys Stadium this week, and I can't believe that its naming rights haven't been sold. 
  • Fox 4 referred to the Star-Telegram as the "Star-T" this morning. I've never heard anyone do that before.
  • Wise County school officials will have to make a decision as to whether to close schools tomorrow at a time when the roads are only wet.
  • I had a disturbing dream about marriage and pregnancy last night (it's too bizarre to describe) and, to boot, it even had my recurring I'm-In-School-And-Late-For-Class theme as the backdrop.
  • Still thinking about the ESPN crew in downtown Fort Worth. Since the wind chill is the big factor, it dawned on me that downtown is like a wind tunnel. If you've ever been down their in high winds, it'll feel like its going to knock you over. 
  • How my weekend turned into late nights and daytime naps is beyond me. 
  • We know that the NFL stops businesses from using "Super Bowl" in their ads so that's why you always here the words "the Big Game." But in a twist, and I can't remember the name of the company, WBAP's Mark Davis mentioned a business that had bought 10 Super Bowl tickets and were giving them away in a promotion. But the NFL even objected to using words "Super Bowl" when the company was giving away real "Super Bowl tickets."
  • If you know who Tim Ted Haggard is (he's the minister in Colorado disgraced by your run of the mill male prostitute and meth scandal), and if you saw the HBO documentary about him, you'll love/hate/be bewildered by this photo of his family from GQ.
  • I'm still following the Denton "no body" murder case and the article Friday about the trial provided no help to the prosecutor's case. Still the strangest thing I've ever seen. 
  • The last play of the Pro Bowl was so ridiculous yesterday that the ESPN highlights pretended it didn't exist. (Quarterback drops back, offensive line and defensive lines stand straight up and look at each other, QB stands there for 10 seconds, completes a pass, there's a lateral, and then a lateral to the center -- yep, the center -- who runs another 20 yards for a TD with no one trying to tackle him.)
  • Heard a commercial on The Ticket this morning from an air conditioning/heating company that was running a sale "because we accidentally doubled our order of units from the manufacturer." Sure, I trust them.