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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Aggies are the only Division I team not to be on TV for first three weeks. Which is amazing in two ways: (1) 119 other teams have been on TV and (2) the Aggies play such weak opponents that none of their games can get a TV network's attention.
  • Last night I watched Mrs. LL struggle to put a tiara on a Yorkie (what?) and at the same time we had a miniature pet turtle lost somewhere in the house.
  • I expected lots of struggles and tension (which really hasn't happened at all) but accelerated math for a 7th grader might kill us all.
  • I created a nice game room with a new TV and new carpet and new paint and somehow I'm the only one who uses it. (I'm not complaining.)
  • Sports Radio: Afternoon drive time is an absolute beating. The Ticket? I hate Reiner and Corby. The Fan? Those two guys are like Yankee radio characitures. There's never been worse sports talk radio in DFW history. ESPN? Randy Galloway loves himself more than content or his listeners.
  • I'm excited about going to TCU/Baylor this weekend but why isn't it a night game? (Wow. TCU has grown to a 22 point favorite over Baylor. (Started at around 17). That means the money must have been rolling in for the TCU bet.)
  • OK,  Byron Nelson High School officials screwed up when they falsely accused the kid of smoking dope, but they've formally apologized. Now the kid's mom is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame by being a drama queen.
  • A book about me?
  • Now that the Steven York case is over, I wonder if any TV station will make an Open Records Request for the in car video of the pursuing officers. In this sensational world, I wouldn't doubt it. 
  • I didn't post a couple of comments critical of the Wise County DA's office about the plea bargain. You guys are crazy. There's not a prosecutor in his right mind that wouldn't have offered that deal. 
  • Roy Williams, who caught the almost game winning pass on Sunday night, says he doesn't hold it against penalty prone offensive lineman Alex Barron for holding on the play. Not surprising. You have to care before you can get upset.
  • You know something is big when you have no idea what it is but realize it's having a midnight release: Halo.
  • Something I don't like: Grocery shopping with a list of strange items and wandering around the store trying to find them.