Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Decatur man wins second place on Big Brother. I didn't even know it had a conquest -- thought it was like MTV's The Real World.
  • The Deaf Defendant got a life sentence yesterday in Wise County without the possibility of parole. I'd say it's harsh but I haven't been able to watch a second of the trial so I have no idea. (But the law he was prosecuted under, which went into effect five years ago, is very harsh.)
  • And how would you have liked to have been the hand sign interpreter who had to sign "Life in the Institutional Division" to him?
  • Thanks for all the potty training help for the dog. This going to be a beating.
  • The Gay Street Fight video posted below didn't receive one funny "The first rule of Fight Club is . . . . " comment. You guys let me down. 
  • I've got tickets to the sold out Baylor/TCU game. Forecast: 97 degrees at kickoff time. Ugh.
  • Not sure what to think about the Tea Party win in Delaware, but the Republican establishment doesn't seem to happy. I've never heard the phrase "Republican Civil War" thrown around so often over the last couple of days. 
  • War on Drugs Update:  Illegal use is at a decade high with a surge in meth and ecstasy.  I suspect the government's response will be: "We need to lock more people up. That should do the trick." 
  • Entourage is over and I think the show's plan was to stick in as many cameos as possible: In the season finale they had Drew Brees, Christina Aguilera , Mark Cuban, Eminem, and a bunch of others I'm not hip enough to recognize.
  • Anybody see that traffic jam on Central Expressway in Richardson this morning? That looked like five lanes not moving at all for miles. 
  • Couple of hot NASCAR girlfriends.
  • I found the family unit's missing turtle. He was making a beeline across the living floor, and I'm not real sure he wanted to be found.
  • New Chico restaurant doesn't look bad.
  • For you tech boys: I've got the weirdest browsing issue: It can't bring up cnn.com or thesmokinggun.com.  I have absolutely no issues finding any of the other gazillion websites on the Internet but those two will not come up. My browser (Chrome) dies and gives me a "Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.cnn.com" message. Any ideas?