He's Kidding, Right?

An email sent out by the Bill White campaign (WBAP's Mark Davis jumped on it this morning as being pretty moronic. It is):

Why won't Rick Perry invite women to join him at the dinner table?

That's the question everyone's asking after the Dallas Morning News revealed that Perry's planning a "male-oriented" fundraising dinner where "a few, select men can pay $15,000 each to eat pheasant and wild sausage and have meaningful conversation with the governor."

How about their wives and "significant others"? Well, they're welcome to join the men for post-dinner festivities.

Only in Rick Perry's Texas would the voices of women be considered so unwelcome.

Please contribute $5 toward Bill White's 5,000-donation goal right now to elect a governor who will make sure every Texan has a seat at the table.

It's no wonder Rick Perry can't prepare Texas for the 21st century; he's still stuck in the 19th.

As Christy Hoppe, a writer for the Dallas Morning News, quipped, Rick Perry must want to keep women away from the dinner table so as not to "worry their pretty little heads over all the big words, male talk and cigar smoke."

Whatever Rick Perry's reason for excluding women from his "meaningful" dinner conversation, it's just plain wrong. But this is exactly how Rick Perry runs his state: Some people are invited to the table, and other people simply aren't.

Please contribute $5 toward Bill White's 5,000-donation goal right now to elect a governor for all Texans.

We need a governor who believes that every Texan ought to be at the table when decisions are made or when policy is discussed with the governor.

Thank you for everything you do to elect a governor who'll respect the views of every Texan.


Ann TravisSenior Advisor
Bill White for Texas

P.S. Perry's press spokesperson claims that females are welcome, but the invitation says the attire is "blue jeans, boots & sport coat." This is the second "wild game" dinner and Perry's campaign hasn't released the names of those who attended the first.

Edit: I have no idea what that corrected formatting was about.