DPS Misinformation?

DPS Public Information Office just posted this. Over 25,000? So far?  This is the 259th day of the year so were talking over 96 people a day if my new math skills are working.

I find that hard to believe, but even my Googling skills for past stats haven't been successful enough for me to confirm or deny this. Anyone?

Edit: Finally found the official stats page. Wow. The number in the tweet is shockingly LOW.
(Technical note: The use of the acronym "DUI" in the official DPS report is weird. For minors who have consumed alcohol but are not drunk, it is "DUI." For drunk driving adults, it is officially "DWI". But the same page of the report from the excerpt says that ".3 %" of the 96,350 were juveniles so the total number includes both DUI and DWI despite "DWI" not being used.)