Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Motorcycle death on Airport Freeway last night.
  • Did you see Dallas DA Craig Watkins yelling at the County Commissioners about a budget issue? Do you have no decency, sir? (Great photo of if.)
  • Today the Dallas PD is going to release a video of a "police beating" of a fleeing motorcyclists that occurred in September. It sounds like it's going to be bad. Real bad.
  • Was told that the Principal of Byron Nelson High who is involved in the kid-didn't-smoke-dope "crisis" was a long term teacher at Boyd. 
  • A Letter to the Editior in today's Messenger, says that Obama "cancelled the National Day of Prayer" in 2009. That's not true.
  • The next Letter dogs Republicans for not wishing to debate and said such was the case in the 2008 Wise County DA's race. That's not true either.
  • What happens when all these gas pipelines and couplings get old? It will happen. (Just thinking of the neighborhood that blew up in California last weekend.)
  • A woman walks into Walgreen'swearing nothing but a thong and whip cream? Cool. Uh...not so much. (She's definitely not the chick from Varsity Blues.)
  • Saw a respected lawyer at a hearing yesterday not know one of the basic rules. Why? He was handling something outside his area of expertise. That's how you can get into trouble. 
  • I'll get an update on the Deaf Defendant Case. 
  • Reggie Bush returned the Heisman Trophy last year --- proving, at least, that he has a smart PR person and that he listens. (He probably would have been stripped of it any way.)   But can't we still refer to him as "the guy who was awarded the Heisman in 2005?"
  • I need some housebreaking tips for the family unit's Yorkie.  Working with a portable-kennel-cage looking thing, but that dog just doesn't understand that when I take her outside she's supposed to get down to business. If she could only be like Veronica.
  • I've been trying to boycott the Mexican reporter who claims she was sexually harassed by the Jets because I've focused on her a lot in the past. Here's why.
  • Mrs. LL stays up too late. Mrs. LL had to take a Benadryl last night at 9:00. Mrs. LL was out like a light before 10:00 p.m. I'll be practicing slipping those little pills into her drink for the rest of the week. 
  • Edit: Wow. Saw the obituary in the Update of an old Bridgeport High School friend.