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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a report yesterday that the Dallas Morning News was on the verge of charging for its online content.  (And I noticed the Waco paper has given official notice that it was going to do so.) That will not work. 
  • Extreme parking fail
  • Hurricane Earl is in no hurry. And, although it's now huge, I'm predicting it turns out to be nothing.
  • The Hangover continues to be funny. Just might be a comedy classic.
  • The Ticket made reference to some kid sensation on the Internet named "Fred". I have no idea who that is (and I spend a lot of time on the Internet.)
  • I changed a brake light and a license plate light last night. Trust me, that's an accomplishment.
  • Mark Cuban was back on Entourage this week -- sandwiched in between a couple of scenes of shocking language. I wonder if the NBA had any issues with him doing the show? (That show is full of shock value.)
  • Had a guy approach me at a gas station on Sunday holding a gas can and asking for a dollar for gas. (I truly didn't have one --- I'm cashless). But I'm mad I wasn't smart enough to tell him I'd be glad to fill up his container once my car was full. (I watched him a while longer and began to think he was scamming people.)
  • I'm looking forward to my Saturday early morning run: It's a three day weekend, the official start of college football, and temperatures in the 60s. Good times. 
  • Upset alert: Texas Tech might want to be careful with SMU on Sunday.
  • The woman found dead along 183 has been identified. Just. Gets. Weirder. The attractive mother of two from Watauga (photo in link) was seen on video footage walking towards the highway and seems to intentional abandon her purse when a cop drives by. 
  • Jennifer Grey, most famous for Dirty Dancing, will be on Dancing With The Stars. Check out these "before and after" pics that highlight her nose job from several years back.


Anonymous said...

Had a similar thing happen to my wife, son, and myself as we started to enter Northeast Mall. A guy comes up to us asking for four dollars so he could have enough to get a hotel room. None of us could give him a dime, because we were totally cashless! The debit card is really going to be the end of bums!

Anonymous said...

I heard a Decatur Police car is sporting a new paint job. The back half looks like a Taxi and it says something like "Choose your ride". Yeah like we have taxi service here, I remember there being one years back but haven't seen it since.
I guess Decatur PD was or is having a huge DWI campaign because last weekend they were targeting customers leaving local restaurants that serve alcohol. When a vehicle would leave, they would chase them down! I saw it happening all night along 287! I'm sure they would use some lame excuse like "you crossed the white line to the shoulder". Just ready for more clients Barry!

Anonymous said...

Gas can scam happens all the time in Austin, where they have mastered the panhandling. Had one with a gas can ask if I was the type of person who would help out a person in need? I told him no and he proceeds to call me all the good names, when I walked toward him to confirm what he meant, he starts swinging his gas can at me and yelling he is going to stab me in the throat.


Football guru

Anonymous said...

The only person I've given money to is the one that had a sign that said " need money for beer"

Anonymous said...

I agree; anyone who begs for a living deserves to starve. If they don't have the motivation to get some kind of job, cleaning toilets,mopping floors, whatever, then survival of the fittest kicks in.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Grey completely changed her look with the nose job years ago. I would see her on a talk show, knowing it was her, and still thought she was a stranger. Not sure the surgery accomplished what she really wanted.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

FRED even has a movie coming out. If there were an 8-12 year old boy in your family unit, you would know about Fred. Funny stuff to my 9 year old son. He talks like he has inhaled helium.

RPM said...

The Hangover is in the same greatness category as Airplane!, Caddyshack, and Animal House. Instant classic.

I liked Cuban on Entourage. Turtle's storyline is about to get interesting.

As far as bums go, I avoid any urge to be an enabler.

The Devil said...

I always say the things like 8:40 and 9:07 right up until the point I encounter a begger/bum, then I always cave...every time. It has gotten so bad I buy donuts on the way to work each morning because I always pass them and now I am starting to worry about whether buying them donuts is unhealthy so maybe I need to find a healthier breakfast item to dole-out. I was thinking the other morning, why am I buying another human something I typically would not I pass out fresh fruit, or a veggie tray?

I give them money sometimes as well, hell I would want to get drunk, f'd up if I was homeless!

Anonymous said...

Cleaning toilets, mopping floors, yeah those are jobs I could get motivated for. But for the grace of God go you, 9:07. If you think doing those kinds of jobs would earn you a living wage, you don't live in the real world.

House of York said...

WOW 10:41, I bet all the janitors and cleaning ladies that read this blog love you right now.

Funny how some people think they are TOO GOOD to do certain jobs. Not me. If my family or I were starving, I'd sure clean a toilet to put food on the table. A mask and gloves included, of course.

Anonymous said...

I think what 9:07 was saying is that those are actual jobs. Scamming other people out of their money by lying to them is not a job (unless you have a degree of some sort - then it's a profession!)
Scammers put plenty of time and effort into getting others to give them money, but don't offer any service or product in return. That's just wrong
The best solution is what was suggested - offer to give them the gas instead of money. Screws up their game plan

Anonymous said...

Another thing about "bums" is that you don't know there story. Many times it is mental illness, sometimes drug or alcoholism, sometimes just no family support, sometimes lost job/shelter/etc., etc. To say they don't WANT a job is saying you know their situation which you never do. Cleaning toilets, mopping floors can be a living if you have an address, a business is hiring or will hire you since there are hundreds of people applying for one job opening. Sometimes people just need to survive and sometimes it is a scam. Either way, every human deserves respect and dignity and no one deserves to be put down and spoken to like trash - no matter what your initial reaction to them is. It doesn't matter whether it is a scam or someone truly hard on his luck - it is the fact of one human helping another and what is in that person's heart. Maybe that person needs the right person at the right time to just speak to them and make them feel valued. Everyone has a story. Stop, listen, and help if you can or feel the need to - then be thankful for the blessings you have.

Anonymous said... have to start somewhere. And you have to be MOTIVATED to work? The Grace of God must be appropriated by Faith. It doesn't just fall on you.

Anonymous said...

10:41 There are people all over America who do those very jobs every day and they do NOT have to beg on street corners. YOU are the one who doesn't live in the real world. I work at a local hospital, and we have a large staff who do exactly that and earn enough to at least stay off the streets. Good honest work is ALWAYS preferable to enabling a do-nothing slacker.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the Decatur beggar?

Anonymous said...


We have a place near the Congress Street bridge in Austin. Come on down here and pass out that dignity and respect, you will have ample opportunity.

Have you really tried to help them. I have! I have tried to help them when they are face down at the bus stop, too no avail.

I expect you will have TB in about two weeks and will be broke. You are naive and just the kind of person who keeps these folks on the street, perhaps urinating in public, most assuredly drinking beer and often passing needles.

Crazy isn't it, asking people to be responsible for their own life.

Go donate or volunteer regularly to a hospital or a charity, where your dollars can help families who are down on their luck through a system established to support them. Don't drain your resources by giving to people who will not use it for anything productive.

Football guru

Anonymous said...

With all of the posting of College Cheerleaders, just wondering if you are going to finally get over your Burnt Orange Envy and post a photo of cheerleaders from the "Evil Empire?"

Hook 'em!

Anonymous said...

Skippy, That would be "intentionally" ditch her purse. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Our Tax dollars should be spent getting these people off the streets and a second chance at life, instead of trying to spread democracy to a bunch of goat herding heathens who hate us.

Francine Fishpaw said...


Don't assume those of us who are tired of being harassed by beggars are selfish or unaware of our blessings.

There are no less that four shelters in downtown Austin. There are scores more that provide mobile meals, health care, etc. Yet, we see the same scammers everyday. People here have been beat up, threatened and spat upon because they didn't or couldn't give money.

If you are interested in hearing their story, that's your choice. But, don't be surprised if they just want your money and not your therapy.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried to FIND a job lately, House of York? Do you seriously think you could pay your bills on a janitor's wages? I think the cleaning ladies would agree with me that it is next to impossible to make a LIVING wage unless it's a two paycheck home.

My mother cleaned people's houses for a living so if you think I am putting down people who are willing to clean up after people like 9:07 then you're wrong. She also had my father's paycheck helping out. Too good? I don't think so. What kind of line of work are you in? I bet it's not cleaning toilets.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the cops checking out the guy taking the picture of the teenage girls? Another arrest, perhaps? Or maybe the cops were also looking at the girls?