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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Dove season has to be a game warden's favorite time of year. So many people to detain on just a whim. Or maybe not even a whim. 
  • Worst job in the world: Being a broadcaster on the Cowboys' super meaningless preseason game tonight.
  • There was an overturned car in Rhome this morning.
  • Fox 4 spent an inordinate amount of time on a story that wasn't a story last night: An American Airlines flight was delayed at DFW after a pilot was accused of drinking although it turned out he hadn't been drinking. 
  • A Vanity Fair reporter was on CNN this morning and said about Sarah Palin, "There is no topic that is too small for her to lie about." And "the only time she treats other people well are when other people are watching." Apparently the magazine has a new article about her.
  • I tried to help with subtracting negative integers last night. I'm not smarter than a seventh grader. 
  • Before 8:00 a.m. this morning there looked like a pretty big fire somewhere in the middle of the Decatur/Paradise/Bridgeport triangle. 
  • That was a heck of a fight last night in the Marlins/Florida game last night. 
  • Nothing like being awaken by a lightening blast. 
  • Rick Perry doesn't like gay people.
  • One of those many wrong way drivers on the tollway that happened last year went to trial this week in Collin County on charges of Intoxication Manslaughter. Punishment verdict probably today. 


Anonymous said...

This fight is good baseball. Especially with the Nationals and Marlins. I give it an A.

Nyjer steals two bases in an 11 run game, after what he pulled the other day. They should suspend Nyjer for the rest of the year. Punk.

I noticed Kevin Mench in the Nationals side of the brewhaha. He was a fun Ranger.

Anonymous said...

Rick Perry does not limit the list of people he doesn't like to gays. He also doesn't like public schools, teachers, poor people, college students, women, people of color, etc. In fact, it's a whole lot easier to talk about who he does like--rich old white men. And rich middle-aged men too, so I guess there's a tiny bit of diversity there.

And for the record, Fox spent an inordinate amount of time on the not-drunk pilot this morning, too. I saw the story three times in less than an hour today.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Trinity High School called in and reported that the pilot had been drinking.

Anonymous said...

How would they know it is declining with all safe sanctuary towns in TX.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Jobs Worse than Super Meaningless Cowboys Game Broadcaster

10. Hooker. Selling yourself and your pride for just enough money to get by. Sad and 'nuff said.

9. Pig Farmer Maintenance Guy. Darryl, the pig crap drain is plugged up again. You wanna get the plunger?

8. Animal Control Officer. Picking up dead animals off the side of the road. Yuck.

7. Wise County Lawyer. Selling yourself and your pride for just enough money to get by. Sad and 'nuff said.

6. Proctologist. Spending your whole day looking at wise county lawyers.

5. Fish Processing Plant Maintenance Guy. Darryl, the fish guts drain is plugged up again. You wanna get the plunger?

4. Internet Blogger. What could be more useless?

3. Internet Blog Commenter. More useless than #4.

2. Venomous Snake Milker. Here snakey snake.

1. POTUS post Obama. And you thought the Pig Farmer Maintenance Guy had a mess to clean up!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on today's pic. We almost got a glimpse of the rare and elusive four-legged bear trap

Were you spying on that fire from across the street, using binoculars, and quoting from Paris, your lesser obsession: "That's HOT!"?

Cheeky monkey

Anonymous said...

What was the deal with a man calling 911 from the Wal- Mart parking lot yesterday? People are saying he was all bloody and that he had been robbed.

Anonymous said...

Hey there was a fight in the Walmart paring lot yesterday . An old mand punched a younger guy in the nose over a parking spot. How crazy is that. If they want it that bad let them have it.

Scott said...

I wonder if Vanity Fair truly has any proof for these accusations or is this just some more of the baseless attacks on Palin by the media?

Anonymous said...

I guess there is hope for Rick Perry after all.

Anonymous said...

8:39 - good points about Perry. And lots of rich old white men will vote to put the jerk back into office. If we don't get term limits (which Bill White supports - or at least says he does)...Perry will probably die in office.

And so it goes.

Anonymous said...

I am certainly NOT a Rick Perry fan. He's an idiot IMO in fact.

However, I notice the ellipsis (...) between those two statements. That means that something else was said where those dots are. My guess is that something was taken a bit out of context, and that Rick (even as stupid as he is) wasn't making the connection of jobs growth to gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

This is way off topic, and I'm going to hi-jack your blog for a minute.

I'm getting so tired of seeing political statements on the sign for Grace Baptist Church in Decatur. Funny...but I don't remember statements made by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson appearing in the Old or New Testaments. My understanding is that the minister over there is some kind of self-professed history guru. Go teach a college history class! Church is for honoring our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Putting political rhetoric on your sign only tells me that you have a god higher than the one you claim to be worshiping.
I want to see Scripture! That's what church is all about...lifting and praising our God, not our government. Our God is bigger than that and deserves better.

Anonymous said...

I have not watched CNN in ten years and will not watch it in the next ten.

Anonymous said...

The "people have" link at the end of the Perry story is really funny. There were a few unseemly rumors about the gubna several years ago. Something about Anita moving out of the house because Rick had something going with the other team. Feeling guilty he then spent a whole year going from church to church campaigning for that constitutional amendment making gay marriage double illegal.

Anonymous said...

9:47 - Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Wow 9:45 - you didn't say what was on the sign, but anything political would certainly (in my opinion) be wrong. You are so right. A church IS for honoring and glorifying God, NOT for political posturing.

Church folks have opportunities to become involved in established political organizations.

Anonymous said...

10:22 - Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Does any one else feel like Long John Silver's fish and chips sounds good right about now?

Anonymous said...

Rick Parry is not connected to reality. The Dallas/Houston gay communities are two of the largest gay conclaves in the US, not to mention their spending power (ie productiveness)

Classic political tactic, demonize a minority in order to energize the ignorant/biased ones in the majority.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Kudo's to 9:45am. When your church (leaders) start talking/promoting/advertising politics, run away. There were so many things said when the words "Render unto Caesar..." were spoken.

Dove Season = Greatness. And if you have been dove hunting often, then you know Game Wardens won't catch up with the guys who overshoot their bag limits. That's sad... I follow all the TP&W rules and would like others to do the same.

Was Brett Shipp the investigator for the Drunk-not drunk pilot story?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Forgot to add... Myself and lots of other conservatives continue to think Sarah Palin is crazier than an out-house rat.

And a huge embarassment. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

why not relocate the Houston and Dallas gay communities and make us some room for some more mexicans?

and then let bill white run the thing into the ground.

President Clark said...

You subtract a negative number by changing its' sign to positive and adding it to the other number instead of subtracting it.

That degree in finance is really paying off.

Anonymous said...

Honcho - so true, but I think Bristol may have the smarts and looks to make it. I'm sort of impressed with her.

Anonymous said...

Dear Honcho, I and many of MY fellow conservatives think she's the best shot we've got and intend to cast our votes for Palin should she decide to run. NO ONE could even come close to the embarrassment level the present idiots in office have achieved.

Anonymous said...

You're crazier than an out-house rat, too then, 12:32pm.

Not Mr. Honcho

Anonymous said...

The only people who take Sarah Palin seriously are those who are crazier than she is. Want to guarantee Obama a second term? Put Sarah Palin on the GOP ballot.

The Devil said...

Can we just say shit-house rat? That is how my Paw Paw said it, just seems wrong any other way!

Anonymous said...

Palin is drippin wet sex.

Lust flows in me.

Anonymous said...

The only people who take Sarah Palin seriously are those that are voting in candidates the she endorses. I hope she doesn't endorse Obammy.

CT said...

well said 1:32, well said..

Anonymous said...

10:07 - remember the sign that somebody put on the lawn of the governor's mansion years ago that said, "it's ok to be gay"?

The implication was hysterical.

wordkyle said...

I wonder what the basis for the condemnation of Sarah Palin is. The commenters state their opinions, but don't provide a reason why they think such ill things about her. "Crazy?" "Embarrassment?" Why?

The comment above regarding the ellipsis is well taken. Not to say a Perry "foot in mouth" moment didn't happen, but the second thought does not naturally follow the first, and the omitted material may be pertinent.

Anonymous said...

Get this month's Vanity Fair, Wordbyle. Read for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Wordbyle - read Vanity Fair - betha won't do it.

Now Bristol is another matter. I actually think that young lady just might make it to the top. Saw an interview with her in it - she spoke very well, handled herself under pressure, looks absolutely beautiful on camera, and conveys humility - something her mother could learn from her.

wordkyle said...

339 - As I said, no one will explain their attitude toward Palin. As for the VF article, here's a typical quote from the writer: "Her [Palin's] on-the-record statements about herself amount to a litany of untruths and half-truths." Objective, right?

Among Palin's sins the writer cites:
* Neither Palin, nor any of her staff, spoke with the writer.
* She's a bad tipper, except when she's a good tipper.
* She gives the same speech a lot.
* Palin's online "voice" is "shrill." (In the writer's opinion.)
* She's not always a nice person.
* She admires "prayer warriors."

Well, you get the idea. It was a hit piece put together from anonymous and/or unreliable (or unknowing) sources. From the Washington Post: "The article by Michael Joseph Gross contains few verifiable revelations." The writer's assumptions and presumptions hardly make for something that could ever be called journalism. The VF article is a symptom of what I'm describing, not an answer.

So once again -- why?

wordkyle said...

356 - You lose.

Anonymous said...

You are just one of her gullible sheep, so since you defend her so strongly, Wordbyle, I'm sure you can get a job on one of her PACS. She's a hateful, spiteful, poorly educated narcissistic quitter who has no place in politics. Let her stay where she is....scooping in huge bucks telling other idiots what they want to hear. In the newest VF article, they referenced an interview with Levi......he sheds more light on her and her strange family than anyone has yet.

Anonymous said...

Of course illegal immigration is down.They're all here already !

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle @ 3:14.

Here's a few reasons why intelligent Americans think Sarah Palin is not competent to govern:

Her explanation of why Alaska's proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience.

Her inability to name a single newspaper or magazine that she reads on a regular basis.

Her inability to name a single Supreme Court decision she disagrees with other than Roe v. Wade.

Her demonstrated prowess of the English language by using the words "'Refudiate,' 'misunderestimate,' 'wee-wee'd up.'

Her lack of knowledge of the Vice-President’s role in the U.S. Senate, even while running for election to that office.

Her belief that the White House has a “Department of Law.”

The fact that her state investigated her for ethics violations while she was in office.

The fact that her family used to get treatment in Canada's single-payer health care system, despite having demonized such government-run programs as socialized medicine that will lead to death-panel-like rationing, March 6, 2010

The fact that she actually seems to believe in a government “death panel.”

A McCain advisor calling her a “whack job.”

Her support for the bridge to nowhere, then denying it.

There are so, so many more.

Your brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Decatur Moves football games from stadium to protect turf.

Anonymous said...

Wordy, you are just simply:


Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Decatur Game tonight?

wordkyle said...

556 - Thank you for giving reasons. Flawed as I think many of them are -- for example, read this to see how Obama answered questions about his own reading lists -- many of them are answers when she was at her worst.

The same reasoning would say Obama is not competent to govern because:
* He claimed to have visited 57 states during the campaign
* Visiting a software company's headquarters Obama referred to the building as the "headquarters of Twitters"
* He said he doesn't speak "Austrian"
* He had to ask someone else what he was doing on his own Executive Order regarding Guantanamo Bay detainees

And there are more, of course. There would be many more "Obamaisms" if Obama had been targeted by the media half as much as Sarah Palin has. Unfortunately, we get to see first hand why the inexperienced and unvetted Democrat is unfit to govern.

521 - Odd you should cite all the damaging things Levi Johnston said in the VF article, when his only semi-direct statement to the writer was pretty much a "no comment."

731 - Deal with what?

Anonymous said...

RTMT chick = Unremarkable.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rick on the fagots;both sexes also.The batter has my best wishes but he should have beaned the catcher with the bat first because he called for the throw.You don't think he would be fast enough to go that far for the ball if he didn't already know where it was going.Clay Poynor doesn't have to worry about game wardens does he?UNSOLICETED OPINION

Mr. Mike Honcho said...


I could care less if Obama is as goofed up as Palin. I want neither one of them as part of a future Administration.

Where is my conservative candidate that is sane and actually has a chance to win?

Anonymous said...

Rick Perry thinks gay guys should be tortured. "Yea take it, take it you bad boy! Who's your daddy? Who's your DADDY!" Governor Perry was quoted saying when he described exactly how gay's should be treated.

Single Fake Wolf Blitzer, reporting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama has expressed himself imperfectly or incorrectly as have we all, from time to time.

The difference is while Obama may have mispoken, he is fundamentally intelligent (Harvard Law Review) while Palin is fundamentally stupid and uniformed.

Anonymous said...

If a person in politics has done a really credible job, their service speaks for itself.

So why defend Palin Wordkyle?

And you almost always do on this blog.


Anonymous said...

10:27 - Poyner is a judge. Hey, where is your respect?


Anonymous said...

5:51 - AMEN to that!

Anonymous said...

We're all doomed.

Anonymous said...

Slick Perry is quite a dandy. Wonder what part of Slick Perry continually wants to probe the issue of homosexuality. On a completely unrelated topic, I never Slick with his wife . . .

Anonymous said...

To the 9:45am that hijacked the blog:
I drove by to see the sign you was anything but political...just a statement about our constitution for a moral and religious people. Are you insinuating that everyone has to put scripture on church marquees?
Why don't you just read your own Old and New Testaments and drive down another street while we all enjoy something refreshing on a church sign.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of the marquee at Grace Baptist is to make you think. If you are looking for verses from the New or Old Testament, you could pick up and open your Bible. I don't always like what I hear on the radio, so I change it. You could take Market or State Street, or you could go into Grace Baptist sometime and see what it is that's making people react.

wordkyle said...

629 - So does Palin's "credible job" as governor of Alaska not speak well for her? I wonder about the attacks on Palin. The media have probed her life to the marrow, yet Obama's skin isn't even scratched. Other politicians were not treated as she was treated. My "defense" is prompted by the media's targeting and bullying Palin on behalf of Democrats.

551 - As a philosopher once said, "stupid is as stupid does." The corollary would be "intelligent is as intelligent does." Over the last 18 months Americans have learned more about both Obama and Palin. According to Time magazine 1 in 4 people who voted for Obama have changed their mind about him. Sarah Palin is more popular and influential than ever. Eighteen months ago she was a novice on the national scene and ill prepared for how she was treated by the media. More aware of how things work, she has clearly acted more intelligently than Obama since that time. The more people find out about Obama, the less "intelligent" he becomes.

M. Honcho - I have never endorsed Palin as a candidate for anything. Like you, I'm examining the Republican field to find one who I prefer. My comments about her are in response to the mindless and savage assaults on her, which are based on the media's double standard of scrutiny and confrontation.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle, let Sarah Palin's accomplishments continue to shine forth. Why must you almost always start the comparisions with Obama? Is that really important?

Not everyone who criticizes Palin in the media (or on here) are expressing "mindless and savage" assaults on her.

I don't think she is the best potential Presidential candidate either for the Republicans, and think they would do better to give Mike Huckabee another chance. He is an articulate speaker,a man of the cloth, and a strong believer in education, in particular, music education. (just thought I'd throw that in)......( :-)

wordkyle said...

559 - I use Obama as the comparison because the contrast is so stark. He was almost completely unchallenged by the media, while Palin was subjected to hostile cross examination.

Let's see what's been said just in this one forum: "crazier than an outhouse rat;" those who simply take her seriously are "crazier" than she is; "stupid and uninformed." Legitimate criticisms or mindless and savage attacks?

The opinion about her that you expressed in your last passage is reasonable, and I may or may not agree with your assessment of her, just as I might or might not your opinion of Huckabee. I equate those who spout nastiness (not fair criticisms) about Palin with those Obama voters who were happy because with his election they would no longer have house or car payments.

Anonymous said...

Good points Wordkyle. And back on the "mindless and savage attacks" on Sarah Palin and few on Barack Obama, perhaps the President is not as "criticized" as you would want in the press compared to Palin, but I have received some of the most offensive forwards through my email box ABOUT our President. I assure you Republicans and (others) ARE saying some very unkind and malicious things about our President. I'd share one, but it is so outrageous, I'd be ashamed to place it on this blog. One particular offensive forward came from a person who is a Christian.

Both political parties are guilty of unreasonable criticisms of elected officials and potential candidates.

I am trying to make a difference by sending these horrific forwards back to the senders with a kind directive not to send them to my email box again. And it usually works!!

And I'd still vote for Huckabee if he became the Republican nominee for President.

And I am a Democrat.

wordkyle said...

638 - For what it's worth, I also hate the stupid and thoughtless (and yes, racist) comments about Obama. They reflect not only on the mind and personality of the commenter, but they distract from valid (in my opinion) criticisms. When Democrats are willing to use the word "racist" at the drop of a hat whether it's warranted or not, it does no good when someone supplies them with ammunition. Good for you on how you handle the ignorant e-mails.

And when it comes time, I may be right there with you on Huckabee. There's a lot of politicking coming in the next two years, so I'll wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Rick Perry is a well-known anti-gay politician and has never been shy about his beliefs regarding this issue. Do you have some other information?

wordkyle said...

1111 - Nope. My comment was regarding the two statements, not Perry's stance on either of them. The way the story was printed, one statement was about job creation, and the very next statement was about gay marriage, thus indicating that somehow Perry connected the two. To repeat my point at 3:14 - one statement does not naturally follow the other, and the ellipsis (indicating omitted material) may be pertinent. Is there something about that point with which you disagree?

Anonymous said...

"the omitted material may be pertinent"

In what sense?

Anonymous said...

I agree. "one statement does not naturally follow the other". So why did he mention both in the same speech?

wordkyle said...

I'm not commenting on the political stances Perry has taken on the issues, but on the impression that has been made that he believes gays somehow affect the job situation. As I said before, Perry may well have meant something exactly like that. Or, he could have been commenting on the two topics at different parts of his conversation with citizens (the passages in question were not really part of a "speech") and the reporter deleted the pertinent intervening material, replacing it with the ellipsis, thus altering the context of the statements.

Or the ellipsis might not be important at all.

Anonymous said...

"the passages in question were not really part of a "speech"".