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Verdict In A Case I Mentioned In Random Thoughts

(story continued.)

The range was a maximum of 20 years and a minimum of probation.

Although she is eligible for parole in 2 years, trust me, she'll serve the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

The teenager killed will also serve a full sentence, only he or she won't be back in four years. It's a life sentence. No trial. No chance to defend. And no chance to sob and tell friends and family goodbye. The death penalty in the blink of an eye. 4 years and then freedom seems a pretty sweet deal.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry--

Are you certain that she'll serve the whole sentence, because someone died as a result and that's the way these things normally go? Or are you operating on more information? Just curious!

CT said...

4 years is all this murderer got?? The value of a human life reduced to 4 years, with the possibility of parole in 2 years. RIDICULOUS!!!
Who cares that the defendant was sobbing..she deserved so much more time for being stupid.
You are right 3:40--the teen will serve his/her life sentence and so does the family.

Denney Crane said...

She should be made to serve the family of the girl she killed for at least 10 years... or spend 20 in jail.

Murder is cheap. She would have done more time on selling a key of coke...

Anonymous said...

In Houston once an illegal that was wayyyy drunk ran over and killed a young boy in his two years probated sentence.Boys father killed hin with a shotgun and got ten years to do.Life ain't fair.