Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I went to a school open house yesterday and spent an hour studying something I hadn't thought much about in years: our public school system. For the first time in my life, I appreciated The Motivated Teacher.
  • Being a motivated teacher with a roomful of kids that want to learn would be a great job. But I bet that combo doesn't come along very often.
  • On the school bulletin board they had a crimestoppers scale of rewards. Top prize? $1,000 for murder. Sheesh.
  • The Dallas Court of Appeals yesterday held that Texas courts could not divorce a gay couple. Yeah, I understand but it's kind of ironic: If you consider yourself gay and married in Texas, we'll make sure you stay that way.
  • I lost interest in music somewhere over the last few years, but I was taken back in time yesterday when I actually stopped and listened to, Simple Minds' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World."  Edit: Ooops. Wrong band. 
  • Don't want to start a riot, but those that think it's a slam dunk that Steven York will get the death penalty are sadly mistaken. I'm not saying it won't happen, but that case isn't the perfect death penalty case. 
  • I wonder if Wise County law enforcement is having a Vampire Weekend over Labor Day? 
  • I hate the DPS Public Information Officer's twitter feed. There's something about the government paying someone to type things like "Turn around! Don't drown!" and "Don't drink and drive" really gets to me. 
  • A college football player on a motorcycle was hit head on by a truck and suffered only "scrapes and bruises." And a four second video clip caught the collision. 
  • Channel 8 is after the Euless Trinity football program now? Anything important going on in this area?
  • Good bye August. I hated you.
  • You worried about Cliff Lee now? (He got shelled last night).