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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Friday. It's a three day weekend. It's the opening week of college football. A cool front has blown through and it may be in the upper 50s tomorrow morning to compliment this morning's 70. Everybody happy?
  • Bad texting Fort Worth bailiff
  • I'm writing this sentence at 6:00 a.m. and I think I hear someone practicing the flute. What?
  • The media's coverage of your typical spare hurricane goes from intense to apathetic the moment it hits.
  • The new national unemployment rate was announced this morning: Went from 9.5% to 9.6%. Is it ever going to start coming down?
  • A "jayhawk" is a mythical bird? I would have sworn I heard people point them out to me when I was a kid.
  • Great moment in the Pitt/Utah game last night: Coach tries the stupid call-timeout-the-second-before-opposing-kicker-attempts-a-field-goal trick only to see the kick sail off to the right and be no good as the ref calls the play dead. The kicker's do over sailed through the uprights.
  • Old guy/young guy New Yorker fight in the stands of the U.S. Open. Waiting for it is half the fun. 
  • Had the always uncomfortable moment yesterday when  I was recognized by an old high school friend outside of Wise County and drew a blank when I looked at her. (I'm awful about that.) I issued my standard response of, "I'm sorry. Help me." She did and my memories came rushing back. 
  • More bad Fort Worth PD: An officer was fired over excessive force in an incident that no one had ever heard of. (When I saw the headline, I expected it to be the cop that face planted the handcuffed guy in the jail a couple of weeks ago.) 
  • Mormon porn
  • Didn't watch a second of the Cowboys' preseason game last night. 
  • How many would have bet that 10 years after 9/11 that Ground Zero would remain vacant?
  • Fox and Friends resident simpleton, Brian Kilmeade, is in Texas this morning playing with former President Bush. Fair and balanced. 


Anonymous said...

Nothing to get alarmed about until you hear someone practicing on their banjo

If you didn't watch the game last night, you may have missed seeing the future starting QB for the 'Boys. IF they can keep McGee on the team/practice squad. Kitna is an old man for a QB and won't be here much longer, especially if there's a young gun waiting in the wings

"You shouldn't oughta point out mythical birds that don't exist, Johnny. My mother pointed out a jayhawk once. ONCE!"

Triple Fake Danny Vermin

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the old guy, 15 yrs ago he would've kicked that punk's ass no problem & I'm saying he's the winner based on the fact that he didn't back down from that piece of crap.
Fake Rick Flair

Anonymous said...

I think Tony Romo better be shaking in his shoes today...McGee looks like he has lots of potential to be a great quarterback! Too bad you didn't watch it Barry it was a good game.

Colt McCoy, the new Cleveland Brown, was 13-13 for 130 something yards with 0 interceptions! Way to go Colt!

It's September and the Rangers are 9-1/2 games ahead in the American League West! IT'S TIME!!!!!!

First upset of NCAA year - Utah beats Pitt in OT! Gotta love college sports...

Looking forward to a great football weekend!

\m/ = Hook 'em Horns!
Go Frogs!
and....ou still sucks!!! LOL!

Have a great weekend,
Lady Sports Nut!

Anonymous said...

Your a family man now, get used to it. My daughter pratices the flute late at night..

wordkyle said...

BG - Nice technique on the blank memory situation. Admit it, ask for help, move on. Awkwardness avoided.

Not so good on the Kilmeade conclusion. I agree that he's an idiot. However, playing golf with Bush is no more of an indictment than CBS's Harry Smith, or Newsweek's Daren Briscoe, playing basketball with Obama.

My best guess on unemployment - It will go down when businesses feel that it's safe to expand and hire more people. Business owners have felt pretty insecure the last year and a half.

Anonymous said...

The sky is falling, sky is falling! Please protect us from the oil and gas industry. I was just curious, do you think that the industry can do no wrong?

Anonymous said...

Popular Mormon Porn titles:

Scintillating Sister Wives 2.1!

Latter Day Lesbians 3.0!

Nephite Nymphos 5.5!

Plural Plumpers 1.0!

Joe the Kocksmith does Brigham Youngsters 6.6.6!

Anonymous said...

I think that "jayhawk" is slang for a certain kind of hawk, which I'm sure has an official name.

As to having a mosque put up on the 9/11 site, I'm against it. Now, before I'm accused of being a religious bigot, let me say this. If a bunch of guys had crashed those planes there, and they had been Southern Baptists, AND they did it to make a statement for Southern Baptists, I'd be against them putting up a Southern Baptist church there, because IT'S JUST INAPPROPRIATE. (I'm Southern Baptist). Those guys were not only Islamic, they were doing it to make an Islamic statement. Therefore, it would be INSANELY inappropriate to put up ANY structure relating to Islam on that site. 'Nuff said. To ignore this is what you call "idiocity", because it's so obvious!

Anonymous said...

Boy I like college football...

Tom said...

I'm a third-generation Jayhawk. The only ones I've seen are the ones who dress up as mascots.

Anonymous said...

"The new national unemployment rate was announced this morning: Went from 9.5% to 9.6%. Is it ever going to start coming down?"

You really have to ask that? Geez. The lowest unemployment has ever been, during the current admin, is the day he took office.

Anonymous said...

old guy/young guy: Young guy is mouthy, old guy starts fight, young guy gets taken I guess if you're old enough, you can start a fight and not get into trouble. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:01. The unemployment will only go down when Obummer is out of office. He has done nothing the last year-and-a-half to encourage companies to hire more people.

He has attacked companies for having the gall to actually MAKE money. He has raised the cost of doing business in the nation.

The only hope that we have is for the Republicans to take over from Pelosi and Reid in November.

Propagandist said...

You gotta be kidding. The best SMU can do, for a cheerleader, is some fat, 35-year old, bottle blond?

Unemployment will go down when small business owners are dealing with a government that quits giving handouts to their union buddies, penalizing people for succeeding and creating programs that cost small business owners more to do business.

I've done business with folks in NYC and have family who live in Manhattan and I'm shocked, with all the graft, politics, union bullsh*t and typical New Yorker self-importance, 10 years later, there's even a plan for what to do with the World Trade Center site.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't it only been 9 years?

Anonymous said...

Southern Baptists should be banned from everything.

Anonymous said...

Gawd why doesn't that Goddess of sexual desire Mzchief have much to say today?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure MzChief is still on vacation at some beach.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Southern Baptists are the most self-righteous judgmental and arrogant people I know. I was raised Baptist, but I've grown so tired of their elitist attitudes. They have given me great cause to stop going to church. It's gotten to where the only difference in them and the Taliban is that they don't murder and bomb innocent people, but the way so many conservatives are getting riled up it's only a matter of time. Does God really want Christians to act this way?

Anonymous said...

I am with you. Went to Southern Baptist church over 60 years and I have never heard so much hate, bigotry, and politics preached from the pulpit within the church as in the present times. I have changed denominations.

Anonymous said...

12:35 and 1:12 - MZ left the beach on account of the hurricane and is now on vacation in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

All you lucky liberal weenies that worship the ground Obammy walks on were sold a bill of goods when he told us that the stimulus package would create jobs and the unemployment rate would not go over 8 per cent. Time to swallow your pride and turn out for the next tea party. This madness will only begin to stop when the conservatives take back the house and senate. Hurry November.

Anonymous said...

The Southern Baptists don't bomb and murder people, they just turn you down for loans, refuse to golf with you at the local country club, and don't consider you as an equal if you do not own a reunion cabin. That's the difference between them and the Taliban 1:20.

Anonymous said...

I worry that the person who thought up the tea party movemnent may be thinking up soemthing else.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with the SMU cheerleader - I'd enroll her at my school of business.

Anonymous said...

Come on Decatur football team.

Anonymous said...

I am sad that you all think Southern Baptists to be what you say you 'think' they are. It is always a mistake to lump such a large group into one type of 'people.' I believe it's negative stereotyping, and sadly never works for the mass.

I am Baptist, grew up Baptist, and I believe I can say with confidence, that the people you speak of are found in any gathering of, oh say, 50 or more of ANY religious preference, any group in general - obviously yours, too, as you're becoming the best example of what you say you hate so much.

I doubt God would be proud of your attitude.

Anonymous said...

2:33, I couldn't agree with you more!! Well said!

Anonymous said...

Clearly an "us vs.them" mentality is part of the doctrine of most evangelical christian denominations. It may be subtle and sugar-coated by the more clever pastors, but it is obvious all the same.