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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • My car's air conditioning compressor went out. You guy's might want to hang around me since I'm bleeding money right now.
  • Despite spending a fortune on legal fees in defense of it's anti illegal immigrant ordinances, the City of Farmer's Branch city council voted last night to appeal a federal district judge's adverse ruling to the Fifth Circuit. They've lost every step of the way. Dumb, dumb people.
  • Blogger Denny Crane claims to have pictures of a guy "roughed up" during a Wise County arrest.
  • Being in the criminal defense business is weird. I have lots of clients wrap up with the relationship with, "Thanks so much. I hope I never see you again."
  • There was a crazy shooting rampage in public in Wichita Falls last night. Six shot. Two dead (including shooter.) And one report on the radio this morning claimed the guy was yelling, "White power!"
  • Cowboys and Washington open up their season on a Sunday night with McNabb as 'skins new QB. Pretty good stuff.
  • The Evil Empire had another football player arrested for DWI over the weekend.
  • The Supreme Court ruling yesterday throwing out a statute designed to outlaw "fetish videos depicting animal cruelty" wasn't very important. The statute was simply written so poorly that in some circumstances it would have made it a federal crime to possess a deer hunting video in Texas. But it'll make news because we've got the weird combination of "fetish" and "animal cruelty" appearing in the same sentence.