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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It smelled smokey in Decatur this morning.
  • The family truckster is back in the shop. It wouldn't surprise me if the mechanic doesn't tell me to remove life support.
  • That volcano in Iceland, which has caused so many airport closings, is bizarre. And did you know the last time it erupted in the 1800s it lasted for two years?
  • With all the lakes full, if we had another two day hard rain it would be Flood City. But we'd get to see the big flood gates at Lake Bridgeport fully opened which is a heck of sight.
  • It's 4/20. For most of my life I had no idea about the hidden meaning of those numbers.
  • The Space Shuttle landed moments ago (8:08 a.m.) And there was a time when that was news. But, thankfully, there are only three more missions left.
  • The news out of Fort Worth yesterday was that the Tarrant County DA's office hadn't decided whether to certify as adults the two 16 year olds charged in the murder of the honor student in Fort Worth. Let me answer that: There's a 100% chance they will.
  • But I hope the cops got it right this time.
  • Found my mom and dad's picture in the yearbooks posted yesterday. That's great. (And thanks to an old high school friend for pointing them out to me.)
  • A Tarrant County jury, in a completely different case, rejected the prosecutor's plea for a Capital Murder conviction last week (although they still convicted him of a lesser crime and sentenced him to life in prison.) Still, you never used to see a Capital Murder case lost.
  • I've got close friends that say it's crazy to buy a new car -- always go used. I've got close friends who have never bought a used car -- always go new.
  • "State legislators told of HOA fines, threats of foreclosure." Hey, here's an idea to prevent being hassled by HOAs: Don't buy a home within a Home Owner's Association. (Although I personally think they are fantastic for keeping a neighborhood in great shape.)