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Someone At The Wise County SO Sent Me This

And the shocking video can be seen here. Story here.


Anonymous said...

Holy sh$t batman,,,,,,you just never know what you are dealing with on the street. I am amazed at what all our deputies put up with. Example: a nut running in the middle of HWY 51 this morning. My husband is in law enforcment and he hates wearing his bullet proof vest....wear it baby,,,I want you to come home

Anonymous said...

I agree that he was justified in shooting the guy. He was a lunatic and the officer is very lucky that he had the option of getting to fire instead of being killed after the first shot.

mzchief said...

The only problem I have with the entire situation is that there is EVER a question as to whether or not a peace office is justified in returning deadly fire after having received deadly fire.

Lesson to all wannabe cop killers; shoot at a peace officer and you will be shot to death.

Bravo, Officer Ross Jessop.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what a "Coronor's Jury" is but It should of took them about 5 seconds to realize the officer was justified. After reading the story I hate when people dismiss a persons actions by saying they are just a different person when they drink. In this case several people claimed this guy just couldn't handle his whiskey, like this is what made him fire a gun at a police officer, like he was a good guy when he wasn't drinking. I just don't buy it...whiskey or not this guy had some bad thoughts in his mind, maybe the whiskey helped him to act on those thoughts but the guy was still evil and deserved what he got.

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Anonymous said...

to bad he runned out of bullets.

Anonymous said...

sum people just need a good killin'

Anonymous said...

what diff does it make if he runned out of bullets? One of the bullets he did use found its mark, and kilt the guy

Anonymous said...

Let's legalize meth!
Tht's the cure

Anonymous said...

Our Famous Barry would get the guy off in trial. He was only drunk and drunks cant hurt people!

Anonymous said...

DAGO.I like the high cap mags.Looking down his arm one could tell he wasn't shooting at tires. Another thanks to the officer that shot the idiot in Arlington this week.My wife said;he shot him six times,I said he still had eight left.Does it suprise you that his brother had been shot a couple of years ago.Different daddy same mother.