The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm declaring today's Update the worst in the history of ever. When your second item is how to submit "your organization's meeting times and dates," you know it's a bad sign.
  • Do not look at this book-in photo of an adult female alleged to have done bad things with an underage male.
  • The Texas Rangers are awful and now the League has taken over control of the team due to the sale of the team being held up by creditors. What a mess.
  • And I'm warming up my "I told you so" about the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Odd: Lawyers agreed in Fort Worth yesterday to use an 11 person jury in a capital murder trial instead of 12. I'm not sure I understand that. From a defense standpoint, that just seems to be one less person that the State has to convince beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Got the family truckster out of the shop. Power. Down.
  • And when I start car shopping online, I can feel a mid-life crisis coming on.
  • Somehow I missed financial advisor Stuart Varney being transformed into a fear mongering talking head for Fox News.
  • Mark Cuban is whining about the NFL Draft going up against the NBA playoffs on TV over the next three days. Hey, when the draft of one sport can compete with the playoffs of another sport, the latter sport is in big trouble.
  • There were appellate arguments in Dallas yesterday regarding the legality of granting a gay divorce in Texas. All the news reports end with words like "the court did not immediately make a decision." Hey, it's an appellate court. They never make a decision right after oral arguments.
  • College football: There's no question that the Big Ten is about to create a tidal wave when it announces that it will expand and who they are taking within three months. I don't know if the Big 12 will survive the ultimate fallout. This is gonna be big.
  • My office remembered Administrative Professionals Day yesterday. We forgot about it last year for the first time ever.