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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I got sick again this weekend. One second I'm fine and then the next I can't hardly walk. And then it does away within a day. Weird.
  • Had an ultimate movie fail this weekend: Bought tickets to Date Night and then walked in and couldn't find two seats even remotely close together. But it was our fault for getting there so late.
  • Now the family truckster is making a very weird sound. It's on its last legs.
  • Last night a fight breaks out at the XTC Strip Club at Regal Row and I-35 in Dallas. Two guys then get into a taxi and leave only to get hit by gunfire from a car that followed them. One of them then removes the taxi cab driver, who was also hit, from the cab and they drive to the hospital. The cab driver then dies. And this all started about 5:00 a.m. Good grief.
  • I feel bad for the NASCAR fans that camped out all weekend without seeing a single race. I'm sure they made the best of it, but that had to be a beating. Mud ain't good.
  • And traffic sure seems like it would be a hassle today for Northwest High School.
  • Monday morning pick me up: USC Song Girls go swimming.
  • Before I got sick, I had lunch at the relatively new Pour House in Fort Worth. Not bad. Quick service. And there was a live acoustic performance going on by two gals in the middle of the afternoon who were really good.
  • You see brawls after fights in Fake Wrestling but one occurred on Saturday night on CBS after an MMA fight.
  • I wonder if the Lake Bridgeport "watershed" got a bunch of rain this weekend? I noticed Jacksboro got over 6".
  • There's a Star Telegram story referencing the emerging "restaurant row" in Roanoke.
  • I'm still recovering.