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College Football Redux

  • The Empire loses again and now has to win its last two games to become bowl eligible. That means any bowl.
  • The Aggies are good. If Baylor had a defense, they'd be great. They don't and they aren't.
  • Three Southern Miss football players were shot in a bar last night and are in critical condition? Edit: Upgraded to "stable".
  • Boise State jumps TCU in the AP Poll this morning.
  • Pro ball: Cowboy's  Marion Barber ignored the new coach's dress code this morning. Cut him before the game and send a message. 


Anonymous said...

Cowboys need to be running Barber more!!!!

Anonymous said... him right out the door... and don't let it hit him in the a$$ on the way out. He's a cancer behind the scenes

Jarhead said...

Boise State jumps TCU in the AP Poll this morning.

But not in the BCS rankings this evening. Sorry bud. I know how disappointed you are.

Looks like an unimpressive win against a [then] 7-2 SDSU team means more than Boise St.'s broke-ass win against [then] 4-5 Idaho. Effing Idaho? Are you kidding me?


Anonymous said...

Jarhead, I've been waiting on your thoughts on the game. This comment will do for now. It was a hard game with lots of distractions (especially the offensive line coach), but I still know what a great team they are. Go Frogs!

Anonymous said...

Aggies will be put in their place next week when Nebraska comes to Kyle field. Go Cornhuskers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

neither tcu nor boise belong in the bcs title game... tcu beat who? utah? oh yeah, how's that win looking now seeing as utah hasnt beaten ANYONE. and tcu struggles to squeak by sdsu when they need a decisive win... boise would beat tcu if they played though neither touches oregon or auburn...