Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Cop training video about Satanic rituals with a chick playing dead while wearing a bikini. Because we all know there are lots of Satanic cult murders to solve.
  • A .45 blood-alcohol concentration. And he's convicted of a 9th DWI. What could the sentence in Parker County possibly be?
  • One of these days, I want to be on an expert panel for DWI law reformation. 
  • Still don't support him, but if you want to see a touching picture between George W. and Laura at the groundbreaking for his library, you have to see this. Edit: Link fixed here.
  • I really like Modern Family - I laugh out loud every time. 
  • Had a plumber come to the house yesterday who fixed two leaks for $200. Considering that I was certain the shower leak was going to require the ripping out of a wall of tile, I've never been so happy to spend $200. 
  • I looked up last night and saw the end of Hell's Kitchen. That show looks like an absolute beating.
  • The Federal Government announcing it was considering taking action over Four Lokos (it contains alcohol and caffeine!!!!) borders on Idiocracy. I guess next they'll ban Red Bull and Vodka. 
  • Boyd's new stadium and turf is bringing in an odd playoff game for Saturday: Amarillo Arbor vs. Hall Sacred Heart --- a TAPPS Division IV. (Sacred Heart is in Crosby just outside of Houston.)
  • WBAP dedicated a whole segment this morning to "how not to gain weight over the holidays" complete with an "expert" being brought in.  I've got some advice: Don't be a pig. 
  • Yep, I was first with the story of the Carter-Riverside teacher having a naughty relationship with a student. I wonder where I'll put my Pulitzer?
  • It's good to see Sarah Palin's daughters acting so mature on Facebook. I had heard about the incidents but didn't know how bad it was.  That family is much closer to being the Osbournes than the First Family. 
  • From the email bag: "I would like to nominate Brittny Gastineau, new girlfriend of Michael Phelps and daughter of former New York Jets Defense end to be tomorrow's (or today's) 'hey, now'".
  • Sir, I trump you with Natalie Portman epic pics from yesterday.
  • Football fans, you have to see the football field layout in Wrigley Field for this weekend's game between Illinois and Northwestern. Someone is going to die.