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Affluent Dallas Guys Create "Bearded Ski Mask" Product

Not a bad idea.

(Oh, and on an unrelated subject, Ranger pitcher Neftali Feliz was just named American League Rookie of the Year.)

(And more unrelated: The Philadelphia Eagles just lost their minds and gave QB Donovan McNabb a contract extension with $40 million guaranteed.) Edit: Ok, Ok. Redskins. Redskins.  I can never picture him out of that green uniform.


Anonymous said...

I thought that was a bunch of ZZ Top fans.

Anonymous said...

I bet these will be seen in 7-Eleven's and real soon.

Anonymous said...

So he is going back to Philadelphia? I think you meant Washington Redskins.

Anonymous said...

I bet the Eagles would be shocked to know that considering McNabb plays for the Redskins!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

RE: NcNabb

This just serves as confirmation:

(1) Daniel Snyder is not going to cede the title of stupidest owner to Jerry Jones (who is swiftly becoming Al Davis)

(2) Shanahan is not involved in player contracts at Wash.

CT said...

Are y'all hearing that Cliff Lee is going to the damn yankees???

Anonymous said...

A group of talented individuals comes up with a novelty retail item.

How cute.

Now, I'm all for levity and such, and I don't wear buckled shoes, but I can't help wondering if this isn't a microcosm of why we're headed for the crapper, socially and economically.

Let's see, dollars pulled out of the wallets of American Idiots who have to jump on the bandwagon (yes, I understand no one will hold a gun to their heads). Jobs created for Chinese eleven year olds. A few sheckels made by mall kiosk retailers, and probably a windfall for these entrepreneurs.

The only real upside I can see is that the owners' windfalls will possibly trickle down to stimulate our economy.

And I thought liberals didn't believe in trickle down.

Anonymous said...

Me, Frank and Dusty are considering our legal options.

Double Fake Billy Gibbons

Anonymous said...

E'vry girls crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man . . .