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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Arkansas is underrated -- especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. 
  • Awkward moment this weekend when I met the neighbor of the Arkansas residents that we were visiting. "And you must be [insert name of Mrs. LL's ex-husband]."  Our host jumped in at break neck speed from across the room to get that train back on track. (I laughed and kidded the neighbor.) 
  • How could Ron Washington, when addressing the crowd on Friday night, not fire off a "That's the way baseball go!"
  • Maybe the best picture from the Rangers' win on Friday.
  • The shark attack that killed a man last Friday off the coast of California might be the closest thing to Jaws I've ever seen. (Link includes a picture of his wakeboard with a chunk taken out of it.)
  • Remember that cute little girl who became famous a couple of years ago because she couldn't stop hiccuping (even made an appearance on the Today show)? Well, she's been charged with murder. Wait, what?
  • From the Update: "Chico Midget Cheerleaders will host a Father/Daughter dance 7-9 p.m. Friday in the elementary school gym."
  • Made the 400  mile trip yesterday with just one stop to eat and get gas. And not a peep of complaining from the kids in the back or the spouse to the side. Then again, there was a lot of sleeping going on. 
  • I drove right through the thunderstorms that tore up East Texas yesterday. It was the same storm that pounded Greenville with hail (although we met it after it had gone through Greenville and had somehow lost all its hail making capacity.)
  • A Lamborghini crashed at the "Texas Mile." Uh, what/where is the Texas Mile?
  • Stubhub link for tickets to Saturday's World Series game in Arlington.
  • Crazy situation in Southern part of the county: Rhome's police chief is hired on Thursday night as the part time Chief of Newark and then on Friday morning Rhome places him on administrative leave. I think it was because of taking on the additional responsibilities but the Messenger story was unclear.
  • Edit: Someone tricked up the sign in front of Newark City Hall!
  • All the sports shows are trying to rank the Rangers making it to the World Series in the list of metroplex sporting events. Some folks bring up the Stars winning the Stanley Cup when composing their Top 5. That wouldn't make my Top 20. 


Ali said...

We like to go to AR and especially in the fall. A beautiful state. Many nice places to see.

Anonymous said...

I would assume a police chief is on call 24/7. How can he work for both Rhome and Newark?

House of York said...

I can't believe he failed to mention to the mayor he was considering another position. And.... people call me stupid. LOL

Anonymous said...

My pre-season arrogance is the prediction of the 4 loss teasip season. I may be low.

My prediction of the aggie national championship may be a bit off!

As long as bubears can keep the tall receiver off the weed they have a shot. Sips look like a team that may have spit the bit.

Football guru

Anonymous said...

The reason Chico has to have "Midget" cheerleaders is simply because of a UIL ruling that states if you have a majority of midgets on you football team you must also have a midget cheerleaders!

Chico would also like everyone to know that Uncle Daddies and Brother Daddies are welcome to the dance as well.

Anonymous said...

Rangers notes:
Congratulations to the Yankees for that bogus run they scored in the last game. How did not one umpire see that play? The guy went down like he had been shot.
And they played well for one game plus one inning. The NY sportswriter who suggested sending their farm team from Wilkes-Barre or wherever to play the Rangers had the right idea. That would have been more of a challenge.

The MVP could easily have gone to Colby Lewis, or Nellie, or even Bengie. He did a great job with the pitching staff

Did you see the guy in the stands holding up a sign that said "World Series Holy sh*t"

Wash has moved on from the "That's the way baseball go!" comment. Now it's "Take what the game give you."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How bout that Quinthy Carter?

Anonymous said...

Another great fan sign on Friday night: it was a check, made out to Cliff Lee, amount was BLANK, and signed by Nolan Ryan! GREATNESS!!!

Anonymous said...

How about the idiot behind home holding the Texas flag upside down.


Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

I have been to Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Wyoming, Canada and Europe. While they had spectacular views, nothing beats the Ozarks in the fall for sheer beauty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yep,,, 9:50=Funny

The Secret Police

Anonymous said...

Newark needs police.I'm tired of Boyd and Rhome having to go there to clean up the drugs.

Anonymous said...

not funny ha ha..funny queer..!

Anonymous said...

I was at a farm in another state this weekend and my friend was pumping eight hundred gallons a minute to make a pond to shoot ducks on.He and his two boys enjoy it.Oh, he just sent me a photo of his thirteen year with his first bow kill;twelve points.There they own their water rights.