Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • So you didn't like Tony Romo? Prepare to miss him.
  • Having your collar bone broken due to a krillion pound guy falling on you cannot be a pleasant experience. 
  • LeBron James new commercial. Not bad. Cocky, but not bad. 
  • Jerry Jones after the game last night: "There are 10 games left and we know how many those are." I love Jerry.
  • Mowed my lawn for the last time last night -- thought I'd take advantage of the high winds. 
  • Newspaper watch: The Star-Telegram's daily circulation fell over 8% and that's just over the last six months. The Morning News claims that circulation has increased but it has been caught lying in the past about those numbers. 
  • Somehow my walk around the block last night ended up with me keeping my eye on five kids on bicycles and a dog. Sheesh.  When I told one kid to be careful around a storm drain, he told me, "Don't worry, I'm too fat to fall in."  Good point. 
  • I utter the phrase "Be careful" about twenty times a day now. 
  • Pennsylvania mom charged with killing how many infants?
  • The formal sentencing of Steven York yesterday gave rise to the most packed courtroom since the Sharon Green trial. 
  • And never before have their been so many people from Bridgeport in there at one time. 
  • The 2nd Grader in the house wakes up in full fledged Cheerful Mode. Jumped out of her room this morning yelling, "Hello!!!!!"
  • It dawned on me yesterday that I had never driven on I-30 any further east than Rockwall. 
  • When I went through Greenville I thought about the sign they used to have that read, "The Blackest Soil, The Whitest People."
  • Saw a commercial truck in Fort Worth with a large "Arborist" decal in the back window. I wonder if anyone has ever yelled "baby killer!" at the truck?
  • Paris Hilton went costume shopping. Hey, now.
  • Naked man ran down a Dallas street yesterday. Wasn't me. 
  • Anyone else have a little of an "ugh" factor knowing that Cliff Lee is nothing more than a paid, short term mercenary?  But, then again, that's exactly how baseball go.