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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • If you watched the Ranger game in the 8th inning last night, you saw a Walkfest of biblical proportions. It felt like I was watching a little league game when the pitcher can't throw a strike to save his life.
  • Not that it mattered, because if you can't score a single run, you ain't winning. 
  • And the starter for the Giants hasn't given up a single earned run in the playoffs? Was no one concerned about this?
  • Funny tweet from Ranger starter C.J. Wilson yesterday before the game: "Rangers on the bus, random citizens/street people giving us salutes of some sort. A city this diverse, united by hatred of buses."
  • In a post game interview, he said the pitching staff walked "a metric ton" of batters. Kinda funny.
  • The best friend of Debra Winger's character in An Officer And A Gentleman has died. I never forgave her for tricking that guy into believing she was pregnant. 
  • Newy Scruggs had 15 minutes of fame yesterday after his "They're smoking weed over there!" broadcast went viral. And it sounds like they smoke a metric ton of weed in San Francisco. 
  • The 2nd grader in my house had a full fledged ballerina outfit on for school this morning. Either it's Halloween or she's obsessed with dance.
  • The 7th grader advised me last night that she has no fashionable boots to wear like the other kids because she has outgrown them (I wonder why she came to me? Oh. Now I get it.)
  • At 8:15 tomorrow morning, all the DFW stations will be covering the First Baptist of Dallas blowing up four of its buildings in downtown Dallas to make way for new construction. Both believers and non-believers can be entertained.
  • Sexy Halloween outfits offensive? Please. That's the best way to combat evil spirits -- it distracts them. 
  • Anybody else think Rick Perry has a creepy smile when he flips over that "Open For Business" sign?
  • Decatur cops had someone stopped at the courthouse square this morning. I've never seen that before.
  • Football fans: I always hear announcers say, "And on the first play from scrimmage in the second half . . . . "  Is that possible?
  • The Fort Worth murder case I wrote about last week that gave you Tired Head when I referenced "Factual Sufficiency" finally made it to the Star Telegram yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Rick Perry makes me sick. Bill White only a little less so. Neither has told us how they are going to reduce the 18-21 Billion deficit come January. What revenues will be raised (as in taxes/fees) and what services are going to be cut.

Politicians! We are doomed.

Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

It may have not made it a win, but Feliz should have been in the game with 2 outs in the 8th.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that Bill White not only acts like Obama, but he looks like him too. Weird, white, and with big ears.

House of York said...

That red costume should be worn by someone who has more curves. It looks like a man is wearing it.

Anonymous said...

* Poor Rangers! C'mon guys...if I want to see my team get embarassed on national TV, I just watch the 'boys on Sunday.
* And yeah, I think they were concerned that the Giants' starter, Matt Cain, had not given up a run this postseason. But there isn't much they can do to counter that. It's not like they can bounce him from the rotation the way you object to a potential juror
* According to the Musers this AM, there probably was a "metric ton" (phrase of the day?) of weed at the game last night. I can understand the liberal stance on usage of pot, but how can they justify smoking in a public place? It's Cali-freakin'-fornia, dude! They're such hypocrites - "Smoking is bad, it causes cancer; legalize pot!"

Anonymous said...

Does that man in today's picture have a bad case of nail fungus or is he gay.

Kat said...

House Of York-

That red costume is horrible! I've seen that style in bathing suits before too.
I'm not sure it would look any better on a curvier gal.

There's just something about the top and bottom being connected by that strip of material over the stomach that makes it seem not quite right.
Redesign it into a two piece and it would be so much better.

Someone should have told her that it was a baaaad choice.
If something doesn't look good on me for whatever reason I would be thankful (not offended) to be told so.

Anonymous said...

I cringe anytime I see a politician smiling!

8:41--I can tell you how Perry and White plan reducing the deficit..Perry is not really going to do anything, and White is going to try and spend our way out....So pick your poison!

Anonymous said...

Girl's devil outfit is awful, I agree. She has no figure to fill it with, either. Bad pic today, Barry.

Anonymous said...


Why do you think Feliz should have been in with 2 outs in the 8th? What if the Rangers "could" have held them to 2 or 3 and then scored 2 or 3 in the top of the 9th. Wouldn't you want your closer in to close them out in the bottom of the 9th or extra innings?

As the visiting team, you have to hold your closer. It would have done absolutely no good to put him in and waste him just in case. You have to trust those other guys to get you there.

Anonymous said...

You picked that for today's pic?

Anonymous said...

House,you'd look pretty hot int hat outfit.

Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

Feliz would have pitched the 9th also. The top relievers are occasionally called on to get 4 outs. Wash already has used Feliz for 4 outs in the regular season.

Anonymous said...

I don't know:

I understand that he could ahve still thrown the 9th but as the visiting team you hold your closer to get the SAVE, not get you to the next inning. These closers that get 4 out saves are for the perpose of SAVING the game.

All I am saying is that you do not need to use your closer in a point when you are down in the game

Anonymous said...

We need Mzcrapola to explain baseball to us. Come, Msknowitall, explain it to us.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and let me beat you to it ...."Sucks to be me; LMAO@U, etc, etc."

Anonymous said...


-Write your opinion on the blog
-Dont get into details cuz your too busy
-MZchief sees it and insults you as an IDIOT cuz you dont have the FACTS
-Get your FACTS and elaborate during your break at work
-MZchief now insults you more because you know more than her
-Mzchief gives her many qualifications for why you are an IDIOT and she knows it ALL
-Goof on her a little more
-Relish in the fact that you GOT her once again

That's the way I see it.

Hook Line and Sinker

RPM said...

I predict Greggo will hammer the Hardline! The RAGE is actually pretty good stuff and they don't act like prima donnas.

What I want to know is, will The Hardline stop using Greggo drops now?

Anonymous said...

12:50 Good try Mzchief but we know you're a TARD no matter what name you go by.

Anonymous said...

Time for an afternoon pick me up Barry. I think the pic chick is The Perky One, Katie Couric.

The Secret Police

Anonymous said...


I think that is someone making fun of mzC. Either they are referring to the formula it takes to get her goat everytime or the formula she uses to think she got someone else.

Anonymous said...

3:01 It's gettin late and we're all tired of it Mzchief.

Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

Don't make me sic my dog on you.

Bored said...

"Sexy" costumes are worn by trashy girls who just look trashier. Men who think they look good simply like trashy women. Carry on with your distraction, Evil Spirit.

Anonymous said...

I wish the Mayor would quit picking on our police dept.

Mzchief said...

I am tired of getting my panties in a wad so I quit wearing them.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Eagles lost last night!


Candance said...

I also don't have fashionable boots to wear like the other kids.

Anonymous said...

Main Street girl Frieda has lost some weight in the pic. Go Girl...

Anonymous said...

Me likes me some Main Street girl bootie !