Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Rangers won in 14 innings last night making them 4-1 on the roadtrip so far. Any believers yet?
  • And you have to see the footage of pitcher Dustin Nippert getting hit in the head with a line drive last night in the sixth inning. But he got up and walked away. (Video is here before MLB takes it down.)
  • Mike Huckabee strikes me as the most naive man alive.
  • The forecast today was that it would be 95 but "it would feel like 100." That got me thinking? When it actually is 100 does it ever "feel like 100" or would it typically "feel like 105."
  • A Dallas County deputy was fired when he tried to create his own real live "women in cages" movie.
  • There was a low flying helicopter over Decatur this morning painted like a zebra. Yep. A zebra.
  • A naked streaker at a Canadian football game looked like better than Emmitt Smith going through the Eagles defense. (First 10 seconds of video is all you need to watch.)
  • Two 50 pound tigers spotted roaming in downtown Dallas last night? (Zebra painted helicopters and tigers in the streets? Am I feeling OK?)
  • President Obama will be in Houston and Austin next month to help with Democratic fund raising. Let the hating begin.
  • I've got a very tricked up and ultra modern living room which is about to be redone in a more traditional style. How often should you switch out couches and change things up? Five years? Ten? Never?
  • Some pics of cheerleading auditions for LA Clippers.
  • A lot of people are talking about Inception which opened over the weekend, but I swear I never heard anything about it beforehand. And it's a big budget ($160 million) film with a large advertising budget as well.
  • Lindsay Lohan is supposed to start her 90 day jail sentence today. I bet she starts it, but doesn't stay long.