Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw Tuesdays With Morrie at the Decatur Visitor's Center yesterday. Fantastic. It's being held over for a Saturday night performance and and a Sunday matinee.
  • Performing arts people are different. Fun, but different.
  • I sponsored Saturday night but didn't attend. It was a small crowd, but there was not a single person who ever heard of this blog. Fail.
  • I painted indoors all weekend. Observations: It takes longer to prepare to paint than to actually paint. And I like painting.
  • Obscure sports notes: If you saw the highlight of the Ranger's new catcher (who weighs more than a horse) hit a triple on Friday night, you were highly entertained.
  • Watched Jennifer's Body after midnight on Saturday. Should have been in bed.
  • My work computer died on Friday. Kaput. No life. That may make today's posts a little tricky.
  • Watched some of the Tour de France this weekend. I'll make it to Europe one of these years, but I have no idea what country to make a priority. Probably the only way to do it would be to take two weeks and see multiple countries. (Although I can't see myself ever doing that.)
  • That was the most insane story this weekend out of Mineral Wells: I guy kidnaps a four year old, holds him for ransom, police find the guy and he tells them where the kid is, they find the kid dead, the guy then sneaks away from police, and then they find him the next day and kill him. Wow.
  • More Idiocracy.
  • And somebody made a comment last week, oddly, about how crime in Mineral Wells was really rampant. (Bagofnothing.com guy grew up in Mineral Wells.)
  • Katie Holmes has turned into a Stepford Wife.
  • Just another day in Mexico over the weekend: A guy storms a party and kills 17. Even during the cocaine salad days, I don't remember Columbia being as bad as Mexico.
  • Another small airplane crash in Denton yesterday. Does anyone know how to fly anymore?
  • I think that "Who do you write like" web site that I posted last week is bunk.
  • I have a CBS College Sports channel. As I type this, they are replaying a second round March Madness game between Wake Forest and Kentucky. Who in the world would watch that?
  • A revised looking Star Telegram debuts today: