Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I think the Texas Rangers bankruptcy judge is enjoying the spotlight a little too much. Yesterday, after he made Manager Ron Washington testify for a whole seven minutes, he said, "We don't have as much money as the Steinbrenners. I can't help that, but I'm not going to make the team give up their jet and ride a school bus." Huh? Hey, hoss, focus on getting the creditors their money.
  • I got a new work computer yesterday. Windows 7. Office 2010. Let the learning curve begin.
  • The Cowboys training camp begins this weekend with the "State of The Team" press conference on Saturday. Last year Wade Phillip jazzed the metroplex by proclaiming, "Let's gets going!"
  • A Decatur gal is in London for the summer and blogging about it.
  • I almost got in trouble for cleaning the house too much.
  • The weather folks are so hungry for a hurricane that they won't shut up about Tropical Storm Bonnie.
  • Katy Perry went to the beach.
  • Walmart will start using electronic tags on its clothing and other products next month. It's amazing it took them this long considering they get robbed blind all the time.
  • Someone asked me if I had seen the crazy Quizno's commercial with the cats. I haven't.
  • I ran into former Texas great Earl Campbell in a restaurant in Austin 20 years ago and coaxed him into recreating the last five seconds of this famous commercial. "Skoal, brother."
  • New Ranger pitcher Cliff Lee is fantastic.
  • Monica Lewinsky turns 37 today. Last I heard, she was in London. Maybe the Decatur girl referenced above can track her down and give us an update.