Wise County Is Gang Free

Here's a list of metroplex cities involved as well as the ethical breakdown. (Lake Worth managed to get an arrest but that's as close as it got to Wise County). But this link also includes the list of gangs involved (which is reprinted only for comedic value):
15th Street, 18th Street, 6417 Melody Lane, Allen St. Crips, Brown Pride, Best for Less Club, Deuce Deuce Beckley, Eastside Homeboyz, Fantasmas, How High Crew, Jokers Only, La Mirada Locos, Lands of Shadow, Latin Kings, Los Pipis 25 in Mexico, Lynch Mob, Mexican Klan Locos, Mexican Society, Money Over Bitches, MS-13, Surenos, Sur-13, Swirving Heights, Tango Blast, Untamed Gorillas, Varrio Centro, Varrio Northside, Varrio Southside, and Webb Chapel Crips.
And if you name your gang "6417 Melody Lane" then you aren't too bright --- unless that's the address of your rivals. Then it's pretty ingenious.