Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The smoke from the Grasslands yesterday was ridiculous. And did they have to wait until the winds were out of the north so that Decatur could be covered in nuclear winter?
  • A lot of Tiger's old cocky self began to come out yesterday in his post round press conference.
  • The Ranger game was comical yesterday. A great seven innings from the starter, Feliz coming in for one inning and striking out three on 13 pitches, and then Francisco coming in as the closer and getting shelled.
  • If you go to downtown Bridgeport, you won't recognize it due to the re-striping that is going on.
  • Sometimes I'll get a tag on my dry cleaning that there was a problem with one of my shirts. Then I'll search the material forever and never find the offending stain or tear.
  • Had to go to the dentist yesterday thinking I had lost a filling. Turned out to be just a slightly chipped tooth that was taken care of in two minutes with no pain killing shot. Good times. (Unlike this girl's experience.)
  • The driver that jumped from big rig yesterday was thanking God and drinking a beer on the news yesterday.
  • All of a sudden I'm getting a lot of messages about stealing blog material. Uh, yeah.
  • The more I here tech professionals talk about the iPad, the more I want one.
  • Fox 4's Good Day is changing its start time to 4:30 a.m. Wow.
  • I forgot to do the "daily paper - above the fold" yesterday. Here's today's which, once again, is kind of boring: