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Liberally Lean Tourney Standings

It looks like "Final Four Fever" will jump into the #1 slot with a Duke win tonight. Otherwise, Go4Gold will win the $150 gift certificate to the Stagecoach Steakhouse in Bridgeport.


Anonymous said...

I hope Go4Gold doesn't win. You shouldn't be able to win this thing if your team goes out in the first round. Is that your team Barry, you shouldn't cheat like that.

Anonymous said...

Dude! Go4Gold can only make 93 points. If Duke wins there are a lot of people that will be ahead of him. You must be BAD at math.

Anonymous said...

Hey, goofball @ 8:46:

Yeah, he is bad at math, but when did he say Gold4Gold would only fall to second place with a Duke win? He just said "Final Four Fever" would go to #1.

Pay attention and God bless America.