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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • My bathroom scale is a brand called "Thinner" which is also the name of a Stephen King novel about an attorney who starts losing weight and cannot stop.
  • Texas A&M student hits Baylor student while texting which led to a jury verdict last week of $22 million. But since there was little insurance money, this verdict truly "isn't about the money."
  • I saw the Tarleton State (??!!) "gay Jesus play" story yesterday morning but didn't mention it because I thought it was too easy of a target. Then Fox 4 led its 9:00 p.m. newscast with it last night.
  • If the play was going to run for a month or so, I bet the school would shut it down under pressure. But it's only a one time deal this weekend so I bet they'll weather the storm.
  • "Weather the storm" is an odd phrase.
  • The stock market is the highest it has been since President Obama took office. I've said it before: It is the economy, and nothing else, that will determine the next presidential election.
  • What? A USA Today poll this morning shows that Americans favor the health care bill by at 49%-40% margin. If the Republicans run on a "repeal the bill" platform this fall, they won't get very far.
  • Wise County Courthouse painting that stopped me down yesterday.
  • They finally found judge-to-be Tom Zachry's body yesterday. In an odd twist, his judicial seat will be filled by someone chosen by the local Tarrant County Republican Party. "[The party chair] said that she has received inquiries from potential candidates to replace Zachry but that 'I'm trying to encourage people to wait until after any services.'" Good lord.
  • I'm constantly stunned how few people make eye contact on Decatur sidewalks. It's like being in a zombie movie sometimes. (Happened to me twice yesterday).
  • My point yesterday questioning Republican outrage over the health care bill is not that they were outraged, but why it took them this long to get really outraged.
  • All the AG's can say the health care bill is unconstitutional because "Congress doesn't have the authority" but under the Commerce Clause, Congress has been able to do anything it wanted for almost 100 years. I agree with the limited federal government proposition, but I gave up that fight a long, long time ago.
  • There was a DWI trial going on yesterday in Decatur but I'm not sure what happened. The good thing for the defendant is that there were no field sobriety tests. The bad news is that he cussed out the cop in the patrol car when he was alone but didn't know the cameras were running.
  • There should be a rule in basketball that no timeouts can be called during the last 60 seconds.