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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • How much is AT&T paying Luke Wilson to be it spokesperson? And why him?
  • The Republicans found some procedural flaw in the health care bill last night which means the House has to vote on it again. That would be like Baylor being excited about forcing UT play them again in football because of an officiating error. It wasn't fun the first time, and I wouldn't want to go through it again.
  • You don't hear much about LoJack car security systems anymore.
  • And I still think those Brinks Home Security commercials are crazy -- you know, those showing someone violently breaking a front door. And who, in their right mind, would answer the phone seconds after the intruder comes through the door?
  • The Wise County Youth Fair was never a big deal when I was a youth.
  • Almost a quarter of Republicans think Obama "may be the anti-Christ"?
  • I'm always interested in the probation eligible Intoxication Manslaughter defendant who has a clean criminal record. One in Fort Worth gets sentenced by a jury today.
  • The jury in the Wise County DWI case deliberated a long time yesterday. And no one texted me with the ultimate verdict like they usually do.
  • But I did get to watch part of the video where the defendant raised his handcuffed hands up to camera and started slow clapping, in mock appreciation, the trooper for doing his job.
  • I tried to finish my jog outside before the storm hit yesterday. I didn't make it.
  • Some of the threats that U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak received by voicemail are disturbing.What is wrong with people?
  • And I'll give Bill O'Reilly credit. Last night he had some Congressman on his show and he wanted an answer to a simple question: If someone doesn't comply with the requirement to buy health insurance as a form of protest, what agency is in charge of fining that person? The Congressman wouldn't answer and O'Reilly kept after him.