Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • How much is AT&T paying Luke Wilson to be it spokesperson? And why him?
  • The Republicans found some procedural flaw in the health care bill last night which means the House has to vote on it again. That would be like Baylor being excited about forcing UT play them again in football because of an officiating error. It wasn't fun the first time, and I wouldn't want to go through it again.
  • You don't hear much about LoJack car security systems anymore.
  • And I still think those Brinks Home Security commercials are crazy -- you know, those showing someone violently breaking a front door. And who, in their right mind, would answer the phone seconds after the intruder comes through the door?
  • The Wise County Youth Fair was never a big deal when I was a youth.
  • Almost a quarter of Republicans think Obama "may be the anti-Christ"?
  • I'm always interested in the probation eligible Intoxication Manslaughter defendant who has a clean criminal record. One in Fort Worth gets sentenced by a jury today.
  • The jury in the Wise County DWI case deliberated a long time yesterday. And no one texted me with the ultimate verdict like they usually do.
  • But I did get to watch part of the video where the defendant raised his handcuffed hands up to camera and started slow clapping, in mock appreciation, the trooper for doing his job.
  • I tried to finish my jog outside before the storm hit yesterday. I didn't make it.
  • Some of the threats that U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak received by voicemail are disturbing.What is wrong with people?
  • And I'll give Bill O'Reilly credit. Last night he had some Congressman on his show and he wanted an answer to a simple question: If someone doesn't comply with the requirement to buy health insurance as a form of protest, what agency is in charge of fining that person? The Congressman wouldn't answer and O'Reilly kept after him.


Anonymous said...

The reason the Wise County Youth Fair was no big deal when you were a youth....(There were only 4 cows in the county back then!)

Anonymous said...

Watched with interests all the threats bubbling up in the news yesterday following the healthcare vote. Seems that angry lefties generally threaten impeachment or to move to Canada, while angry righties threaten revolution or to get their gun. Interesting dichotomy.

On the Random Thought girl today: My legs would NOT split that wide even if they were hooked to D9 Caterpillars headed in opposite directions. Amazing flexibility.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

I don't like the threats to members of Congress but have some thoughts as to when, in the course of American history, we have the right to rebel. Can we rebel when the Representatives refuse to represent and refuse to vote, as the people want them to vote? If we wait for the next election to do it peacefully, will it be too late? Maybe we need to follow the examples of the rebellion that brought a close to the Vietnam War and start throwing rocks!

Where are Dylan and Baez when we need them? Where is the music? I guess they now support our loss of freedom and representation.

Anonymous said...

Actually, thw Wise County Youth Fair has ALWAYS been a big deal, but you'll only notice it being a big deal if you're involved.

As to the Wise County DWI trial--guilty.

Ernest T. said...

Be sure and mention that that Congressman with O'Reilly last night was DEMOCRAT Anthony Weiner. He continued to claim that we were not treating people like criminals for not having insurance, yet he would mention that we would be fining them.

This guy was an idiot. O'Reilly gave him plenty of time to answer each question, yet he continued to pretend that O'Reilly kept breaking in on him. He continued to get after O'Reilly for that and one time acted as if he was not going to talk any more.

Anonymous said...

16,000 new IRS agents will monitor on a monthly basis to enforce the new mandate to buy health care insurance or pay a fine. Of course the IRS can place a lien on your house or get it from your bank account! People may have to decide if they are going to eat or going to buy health care insurance. Government answer would be to get their applications filed to get help from the government to pay for it! No problem, we will borrow the money from China to help pay.

We are bankrupt and will never pay our debt while the claims for unemployment keep growing by the month! If this keeps up, we will see people living under bridges or in tent cities and soup lines going. But we will have health care insurance. Is there something wrong with this picture.

Anonymous said...

Statement: •Some of the threats that U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak received by voicemail are disturbing.What is wrong with people?

Answer: King Obama and Demos, sheesh

Anonymous said...

Question: If someone doesn't comply with the requirement to buy health insurance as a form of protest, what agency is in charge of fining that person?

Answer: The additional 14,000 IRS employees YOUR president is hiring!!!

Anonymous said...

Statement: 'And I'll give Bill O'Reilly credit'

Response: Keep listening to this man. He makes sense!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, has anyone out there had a delay in receiving their tax return? I pay quarterly all year, but overpaid last year so I will receive a tax refund. YES, I work, I pay taxes, and am DUE a refund! The IRS has now delayed my expected return date two times! Unnamed sources close to the IRS say funds are VERY LOW with people NOT PAYING THEIR TAXES! Not enough money in the pot to make my refund! Come on, OBAMA, give me my money!

Anonymous said...

How much is AT&T paying Luke Wilson to be it spokesperson? And why him?

I think better questions would be: How much will it cost to shut him up? When does his contract with them expire?

Really tired of the AT & T vs Verizon bullsh

Anonymous said...

Statement: '•Some of the threats that U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak received by voicemail are disturbing.What is wrong with people?'

Answer: People are frustrated that their voices are not being heard, congressmen and your president are making backdoor deals to get their votes, and then the idiots toast each other and cloat how wonderful life is! They have the lowest approval rating ever, including Pelosi!

Second response: No one should threaten bodily harm to another. That is totally unacceptable, and they should be dealt with. Please remember these crazies have always existed, and do not represent the other 99.99% of Americans who are VERY FRUSTRATED with our current government!

mzchief said...

* Threatening a Representative AFTER their vote just proves the level of STUPIDITY, to which STUPID PEOPLE can sink. If nothing else, threatening someone AFTER the fact is, too little too late.

(for all you people without a sense of humour...the last sentence was a JOKE)

* The viedo of Bill O'Reilly asking a simple question proves Anthony Weiner is a REAL WIENER. Weiner is just doing the ObamaThing and telling people what HE wants them to know by sticking to talking points that give no answers all the while attempting to discredit/vilify the person asking the questions.

(Barry gave me permission to say wiener as much as I want on The Blog.)

wordkyle said...

MOBD 825 - Perhaps left-generated death threats don't get the coverage that right-generated threats do. Also, since these threats are usually anonymous, we don't really know who made them, do we? It's not incredibly farfetched to suspect that some of the threats are internally generated to arouse public sympathy for a politician who might otherwise be very unpopular with his constituents.

BG, you watch more Fox News than anyone I know. Really.

Anonymous said...

“If we wait for the next election to do it peacefully, will it be too late?...”

Too late?!?!?!? – Good Lord Man what do you think is going to happen in the next seven months? Most of the taxing issues don’t start for until at least next year.if the country can go to hell that fast we have more problems than we thought.

I think one of the biggest problems is that the health care debate has successfully brought in citizens who have never before paid this much attention to the preocess and they and their leaders don’t know how to act when they lose.

Anonymous said...

Most on this blog would define me as a leftie…..(a badge I wear with pride). I agree that O’Reilly can be pretty good. Not the out of control idiot that Beck, Limp-paw and Oberman are.

I would be O’Reilly and Rachel Maddow in the same category – both have major political views but both will also engage in legitimate discussions with people who disagree with them.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Oh Rally do you think Fox News is getting nervous that Glen Beck is starting to become their most notable face?

As far right as Fox is – Beck is off the chart to the right plus his crazy – not a good combination.

Tell me again why anyone is surprised that there have been threats against the people who voted for Health Insurance Reform? Watch the Repubs and who see – they all think the world is ending because of this new law. Maybe they need to realize that this new approach is not even as progressive as the plan that Richard Nixon proposed in the 70’s.

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

"what is wrong with people". Answer: When in the Course of Human Events...
by Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

It is Obammy's boot jack thugs in the SEIU that are posing as people in the tea party that are making these threats. It is the liberal weenies that actually carry them out. ie, the man that flew the plane into the IRS building and the wacko professor that was denied tenure in Alabama that killed three professors.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood just called asking for a donation, claiming only 3% of their funds go to pay for abortions. She got off the phone and had no response when she was told the new health care legislation would take care of abortions and all other needs for women. Since my interest income would be taxed, I really didn't have money to give.

If the executive order wasn't worth the paper it was written on, wouldn't the response be different?

Anonymous said...

Barry did not have any problem with William Ayers. Why is he complaining now? Is it because Ayers is a Democrat and supporter of Obama?

Anonymous said...

My question about the random thought pic is why is the boy in the lower right corner of the pic drinking a beer...and wearing a speedo?

Anonymous said...

As many crazy people as there are in the world today running around free when they used to lock 'em up, Obama better make sure he stays close to his secret service guys...all the cuts made to the mental health community in the last 20 years just might cost someone their very life...

Anonymous said...

Good point 10:57, I think many people are missing out on the around about way abortions will still received federal funding with this legislation. Yes, the person obtaining the abortion will have to pitch in but the remainder will be paid out tax dollars. It is all in the tricky way they will "pool" the money. I am not talking about rape victims who will be allowed outside of the exective order.

Anonymous said...

my girlfriend hates the backdoor intruder

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the backdoor intruder is a real shocker to your girlfriend..

Anonymous said...

Your girlfriend does like me.

The Backdoor Intruder

Anonymous said...

I would slide up on that boardwalk and give her a mounting Bracket...

Anonymous said...

I would slide up on that boardwalk and give her a mounting Bracket...

Anonymous said...

There is nothing in the bill about 14,000 or 15,000 or 16,500 new IRS agents - it is amazing how gullible some of you sheeple are. You'll believe anything your masters tell you. Dust your brainss off and question everything - not just what the people you hate say.

Anonymous said...

I would be on the phone soon after the intruder breaks in...to have the coroner come pick up his body.

Anonymous said...

11:10 am... why the little boy is wearing a speedo is a good question... however where the hell do you see a beer?

Anonymous said...

My sister in law is driving around without car insurance. She has a truck, license and no insurance. Who is checking on this mandate. I have to send my kids to school by law, my daughter missed school today...who is checking. There are PLENTY of people not paying their taxes...who is checking on them, I know eventually they will be caught....but you people crack me up....yea O'Reily that black helicopter is going to chase you down and make you buy health insurance...........

wordkyle said...

130 - Believing that the IRS will have thousands of agents -- the conclusion of Republican members of the House Ways and Means committee -- responsible for enforcing the provision that Americans have a "proper" mandatory insurance plan is not as farfetched as believing the legislation will reduce the deficit. Which is the most damning - that the Democrats think we're that gullible, or that they don't care whether we believe them?

Anonymous said...

my girlfriend counters the backdoor intruder with the fish eye and angry dolphin

Anonymous said...

We're all doomed.

Anonymous said...


Hair lip, hair lip, hair lip.

Anonymous said...

My wife asked me if I wanted to drive down to Stephenville and see the play about the gay Jesus. My response was that I wouldn't drive to Stephenville to see the real Jesus.

I would drive to Parker County, however, to nail a couple of hot female graboids.

Gary the G

BeenthereDoneThat said...

LMAO, Gary the G.

I am surprised there is so much name calling in our efforts to improve health care.

As a "lefty", I applaud the efforts to improve our health care system but agree that our government will likely screw it up royally and the near-term end product will be too heavily influenced by industry.

Can we hire some Canadians to run our system? I like theirs. Ask 20 Canadians and 19 of them will say they love their system and can't imagine living with what we've got. Gotta love them Canadians...if it wasn't so damn cold up there, I would move!

Anonymous said...

i asked my wife if i could drive down the dirt road

Anonymous said...

the youth fair is still not a big deal. why on earth would someone promote farming and ranching as a viable career path these days? i look back and laugh at the fact that dhs actually had a meat lab class.

have a computer fair or tech fair or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...

Actually, believing just about anything the republicans say makes you gullible. Remember these?

"Iraq is a very wealthy country. Enormous oil reserves. They can finance, largely finance the reconstruction of their own country. And I have no doubt that they will."

Richard Perle, chair
The Pentagon's Defense Policy Board
July 11, 2002

"The likely economic effects [of a war in Iraq] would be relatively small.... Under every plausible scenario, the negative effect will be quite small relative to the economic benefits."

Lawrence Lindsey
White House economic adviser
September 16, 2002

"It is unimaginable that the United States would have to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars and highly unlikely that we would have to contribute even tens of billions of dollars."

Kenneth Pollack
former director for Persian Gulf affairs
National Security Council
September 2002

"The costs of any intervention would be very small."

Glenn Hubbard
White House economic adviser
October 4, 2002

"Iraq has tremendous resources that belong to the Iraqi people. And so there are a variety of means that Iraq has to be able to shoulder much of the burden for their own reconstruction."

Ari Fleischer
White House press secretary
February 18, 2003

"When it comes to reconstruction, before we turn to the American taxpayer, we will turn first to the resources of the Iraqi government and the international community."

Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense
March 27, 2003

"There is a lot of money to pay for this that doesn't have to be US taxpayer money, and it starts with the assets of the Iraqi people. We are talking about a country that can really finance its own reconstruction and relatively soon."

Paul Wolfowitz
Deputy Secretary of Defense
testifying before the defense subcommittee
of the House Appropriations Committee
March 27, 2003

"The United States is very committed to helping Iraq recover from the conflict, but Iraq will not require sustained aid."

Mitchell Daniels, director
White House Office of Management and Budget
April 21, 2003

Not to mention that we would be greeted as liberators.... Mission Accomplished?

wordkyle said...

605 - So it's Republicans' fault that Democrats misrepresented a multi-trillion dollar legislation to the public? Since you went back seven years to quote Republicans, they must be controlling Democrat actions. With Democrats owning Congress since 2006 and the White House for over a year, you'd think that they might be influencing policy by now, maybe even responsible for their own actions. When did Republicans get so powerful?

Anonymous said...

yep, 5:47, who needs farming, ranching and/or meat labs when we now have all those computers to eat. Have you ever tasted a Macintosh? Tastes just like chicken!!

Anonymous said...

Your girlfriend taste like chicken 7:43.

The Backdoor Intruder

Anonymous said...

I like Canada also.Strippers go totally nude,no dollar tips,Where would they put it and table dances are in an enclosed booth.Don't know anything about their health care.We did'nt talk about that.DAGO

Anonymous said...

Girl is hot.

Anonymous said...


I used those because they hit particularly close to home for me, but there are plenty of recent examples of republican lies - death panels, 40% of Americans pay no taxes, reconciliation has not been used on entitlements, we had no domestic attacks under bush, presidents don't bow to foreign leaders, there is no birth certificate, never before has a terrorist been tried in criminal courts, Obama's going to take your guns, it's just a wide stance, the senate parliamentarian is a political hack even though we appointed him, we would never think of requiring individual health mandates, I'm hiking the Appalachian Trail, Obama is a socialist, Nazi, communist, fascist......

Democrats did not misrepresent the bill, they put it up on the web and anyone with basic reading comprehension could read it and decide for themself. I'm sorry you were not able to meet this test.

My response was to your asertion that the republicans "estimate" of IRS agents had any basis in fact. It does not, and they have been shown time and time again to lie in order to scare the gullible uneducated idiocracy into voting against their own best interests. You would be about as much fun to hunt with as Dick Cheney since you make a statement, and when that statement is replied to you say yeah but what about this other thing. It's always a moving target with you. Your inability to make any connections at all between related concepts demonstrates either a willful deceitfulness or complete ignorance.

Let me make it simple for you - republicans lie - they lie all the time to the public, their wives, and anyone they communicate with. Therefore a cautious man would wonder if they are lying now. Whether or not you or I believe that the Democrats also lie is irrelevant to the point that there is nothing in the bill about IRS agents, and the republicans made the number up out of whole cloth because the teabaggers run for the hills (or their gun cabinets) at the mention of the IRS. They probably should have said gay socialist IRS agents, as that would have completed the trifecta.

By the way, off topic but just out of curiosity, I am assuming you supported the Iraq War (correct me if I am wrong), but did you serve? Did you sign up to fight the war you supported? Maybe you weren't eligible, but if you were, did you?

Anonymous said...

5:47: perhaps you should venture out of your little shell to see what goes on at the WCYF besides the promotion of agriculture! These kids are learning valuable life long lessons that will help them be successful NO MATTER where they in up in their adult lives! Ok, other posters! I can't even begin to put into words all these kids gain from these projects so help me out! Not to mention the YF is not all about animals! Have you looked at the ag mechanics projects? 5:47--I hope you never need any welding done! In your world, there will be no one who has learned that! I know MANY adults who make GOOD livings welding! What's so wrong with that? And for those students who choose to attend college, the WCYF gives many scholarships every year to deserving students (regardless of course of study!). Many of these students use the $$ the make from the sale on Saturday to pay for college. Check out some of the photos in the photography contest! Wow!!! What talent! Possibilities of careers for these students are numerous (and non-ag related!) So why is this important......let us count the ways!
On a side note, I know first hand that a lively hood in agriculture is difficult, to say the least. But when you are in Wal-Mart (purchasing eggs, meat, fruit, vegetables, milk and MANY, MANY other items) perhaps you should look around and THANK a farmer who didn't take advise such as yours!!!!!! Do you think those items just magically appear on the Wal-Mart shelves???? Hello!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand how you say Wiener was trashed by O'Lielley. Bill just like to hear himself talk. As for the facts about no-insurance fines and IRS collection - it's more distortion. There are no criminal penalties "for failure to timely pay any penalty imposed" under the minimum coverage requirement; and no liens or levies for failure to pay any such penalty. H.R. 3599—131 (Title I, Subtitle F, Part I, sec. 1501, at (g)(2)(A)&(B)). So, Rep. Weiner is right.

Anonymous said...

SEIU members are abundant at Union Pacific RR...dont see them crashing trains and threatening Congress.

wordkyle said...

958 - Your post is a common tactic used here before, throw out a dozen claims to try to make a point against Republicans. If you get busted on one, you simply move to another.

"Death panels" - A "lie?" No. Used to describe government bureaucrats who will determine medical treatments, and if certain people deserve them. A vivid, memorable description of likely scenarios under Obamacare, based on Obama's own words.

"Forty percent of Americans pay no taxes" - A "lie?" No. You not-so-cleverly reworded the common claim about the large number of people who pay no federal income tax. CNN says it's actually 47%.

Again, all the claims and accusations (thrown against the wall like spaghetti to see if anything sticks) are diversions from the Democrat actions -- they misrepresented the legislation. It only reduces the deficit through using ten years of income versus six years of expenditures. Your post makes me wonder, to what extremes will you go to protect Democrats from having to take responsibility for their own actions?

Anonymous said...

auto mechanics is another bad career choice. also, food should come from big companies with huge farms/ranches. cheaper and more economical to the american consumer that way. not from some guy tryin' to hold on to the family farm.

Anonymous said...


The problem with the statement is not that there is not some truth in it, I know the statistics on income tax versus payroll taxes. The lie comes from leaving out the income tax part in an effort to fool people into thinking that others pay NO taxes. That's where it becomes a lie. The problem is not with me leaving it out, einstein, it's your side that leaves it out. That's why it's a lie.

Death panels are a lie and a scare tactic. They most likely refer to end of life counselling which gives CHOICES and information to people and doctors - no one is deciding who dies.... I'll let Johnny Isakson, the REPUBLICAN senator from Georgia weigh in:

"Isakson, Aug. 10: I just had a phone call where someone said Sarah Palin’s web site had talked about the House bill having death panels on it where people would be euthanized. How someone could take an end of life directive or a living will as that is nuts. You’re putting the authority in the individual rather than the government. I don’t know how that got so mixed up."

That's all you got?

Not going to answer my other question?

wordkyle said...

1050 - You know, you haven't convinced me that you actually know anything. Half-baked claims and unsubstantiated, apocryphal and unattributed things you say Republicans say don't count. Your "income tax vs NO tax" remark is especially creative. From now on, you need to create a link to show where you're getting your information. Your imagination is not quite good enough.

Oh, and about the death panels? “If the government says it has to control health-care costs and then offers to pay doctors to give advice about hospice care, citizens are not delusional to conclude that the goal is to reduce end-of-life spending.” -- Eugene Robinson, Democrat and black journalist

And despite all your verboseness, still no excuse given for the Democrat lie that their legislation will reduce the deficit.

Anonymous said...

Well, you've convinced me that you have your head in the sand. A very small amount of investigation on your part would show you the following:

I have no idea. I understand -- and you have to check this out -- I just had a phone call where someone said Sarah Palin's web site had talked about the House bill having death panels on it where people would be euthanized. How someone could take an end of life directive or a living will as that is nuts. You're putting the authority in the individual rather than the government. I don't know how that got so mixed up.


DOBBS: It is clear from the Obama tax plan that he is in point of fact, even though just about 40 percent of all Americans, working Americans don't pay taxes, those folks are going to be getting checks, there's going to be tax credits for a host of issues. None of that is registering with independent voters. Independent voters seem to be buying into that. Does that surprise you?


The rest of your Eugene Robinson, BLACK journalist (now we're getting to it, aren't we) quote said:
It’s irresponsible for politicians, such as Sarah Palin, to claim — outlandishly and falsely — that there’s going to be some kind of “death panel” to decide when to pull the plug on Aunt Sylvia. But it’s understandable why people might associate the phrase “health-care reform” with limiting their choices during Aunt Sylvia’s final days.

Way to pull a quote out of context - that quote does not at all warn about "death panels" and it shows how desparate and intellectually dishonest you are.

By the way, I don't have to give an "excuse" for the "lie" that the legislation will reduce the deficit, because I don't accept your premise that it does not. I do not have to argue on your terms - you asked for republican/conservative lies, I gave them to you, and now you want to change the subject to democrats. You have no evidence they are "lying" about the effects of the bill as much as you want it to be so.

Here's the deal, a friend referred me to this blog a few weeks ago and I read for a little while and then decided to comment due to the crap that spewed from your keyboard. I am smarter than you, I am more educated than you, I have more experience in business and the military than you, and although you may be the king of your little backwards corner of the world, you are not equipped to match wits with someone who is smart enough to call you on your B.S. You spend your life in the echo chamber of conservative thought and in that world you are probably seen as pretty smart. You have revealed yourself as unable to deal with facts that get in the way of your opinions and want to continually change the game when you are stuck. I have dealt with people like you my whole business and military career. You are the king of nothing. You are a fine example of the Dunning Kruger Effect and I see through you. I may engage with you a little longer and then I will move on - but you will be stuck spewing your garbage at the qwik-e-mart or sadie's diner or the chamber of commerce picnic. People there will think you are kind of smart but you and I will always know the truth, won't we? You write pretty well, but your arguments fall apart when they are exposed to any scrutiny.

Also, I have no doubt that you are a nice guy. If you have kids you are probably a good father, if you are married, you are probably a good husband. You are probably a fun guy to hang around, and if you and I met, we would probably like each other. It is in the arena of ideas where you lose credibility - raising questions about my assertions being unattributed and apocryphal when anyone with an ounce of intellectual curiosity would check to see if maybe I was right. Which I am.

Democrat and black journalist indeed.

wordkyle said...

629 - Not to get personal, but you are full of yourself, aren't you? All of your "better, stronger, faster" attributes don't make your comments any more true.

Pointing out Robinson's race and Democrat affiliation was to show that believing the concepts of "lowering health care costs" and "extending end of life care" are not compatible, is not an exclusively white Republican idea. Here's another sample of his thinking, from the same column as the one above: "it's understandable why people might associate the phrase "health-care reform" with limiting their choices during Aunt Sylvia's final days."

With people like you, the tactic of implying that I am a racist shows up fairly quickly, followed by the words "nazi" or "hitler." You didn't disappoint. Handy crutch Liberals/Democrats have.

(What's more, you have a Republican defending end of life counseling. If Republicans "always lie," then the "death panel" idea is credible. Paradox of your own making, pal.)

As for your link to Dobbs's comment, two points -- first, in context it is clear from that particular conversation that the "tax" under discussion was the federal income tax. (Note comments about "Obama's tax plan") Second, a Democrat strategist involved in the conversation clearly understood that meaning and did not challenge the number. You're obviously "better, stronger, faster" than him, also.

Since you don't believe the Democrats deceived the American people about the healthcare bill, then please explain the credibility of their claiming deficit reduction by using the calculation of six years of expenditures vs ten years of revenues. All of your scratching at supposed Republican misdeeds is merely an attempt to not have to answer that point. I understand that. The tactic has been used many times before. For all your self-proclaimed superiority, you are completely unoriginal. How do you like them apples?

Since you are incredibly superior, do some research and read my previous comments on this blog of what I think about an anonymous poster's opinion of me.

You're zero for several so far, Steve.

mzchief said...

To wordkyle...
Is 6:29 the Steve who has been accused of being my husband?


Anonymous said...

I love you 6:29! Finally welcome to the blog please don't leave! And Word go wipe off your face! There is egg all over it!

Anonymous said...

1:52, if your daughter goes to Decatur High School and she's absent, you'll get a phone call - I can guarantee it.