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"Do You Believe In Miracles"

OK, that was an overstatement. Maybe. Baylor has made the tournament three times in my lifetime. The first was in the late 1980s, and I remember setting my VCR and keeping away from the score so I could watch it in the late afternoon. We got killed by Memphis State and looked like we had no business being there (because we didn't.) I had to wait 20 years to see them reach the NCAA Tournament again and that was two years ago. Twenty years! Once again, Baylor was knocked out in the first round before I even had a chance appreciate the moment. And that brings us to now. It may all end on Sunday when Baylor plays #1 Duke, but it has been, in a word that does not do the experience justice, fun. Most of us support teams that never win -- that's the nature of sports. But once in a blue moon -- or once in 20 blue moons -- you get to sit back and enjoy something that you never thought you'd see. TCU football knows what is was like last year. Tech saw it two years ago. And even though basketball is a distant second in the South, I'll grab onto these moments as they rush by. Because unlike the embarrassment of riches that the Evil Empire experiences, I know it may not pass this way again.