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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I guess if you don't like the health care bill that just passed, you can blame Bush. He's the only reason Democrats have majorities in Congress.
  • But how does it affect us?
  • Plano got six inches of snow? McKinney got seven?
  • Very weird thought while watching a basketball game: You never see hand sanitizers on the bench.
  • Next month has already set a record for homes posted for foreclosure in North Texas: 6,168. And just when you thought the worst was over.
  • The Messenger did a good job of covering the well fire on Friday through updates via its Twitter account. But that has to be what drives newspapers crazy: the best way to provide breaking news also provides no way to sell advertising to go along with it.
  • Watched most of Saturday's Baylor game at a place called Frankie's on McKinney Avenue in Uptown. It was weird to see the Bears make a great play and hear other people cheer.
  • From there we saw a play at the Wyly Theater in the new AT&T Performing Arts Theater in downtown Dallas. I really plays that are edgy and emotion filled -- it's like you're spying on something you're not supposed to see.
  • I saw an Aggie player shoot an air ball during a free throw attempt yesterday against Purdue. I'm not sure I've ever seen that. (But I really wish the Aggies would have won.)
  • The Census needs more workers. But knocking on peoples' doors unannounced doesn't sound like the greatest way to make a buck.
  • Someone actually called the Sheriff's office this weekend to report road signs vandalized between Decatur and Wichita Falls. It turned out to be blowing snow sticking to them. (Not making this up.)