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Are We Living In The Time Of Idiocracy*?

So, as you may have heard, Vice President Joe Biden dropped an F Bomb today during the signing of the historic health care bill signing. To be expected, Fox News immediately jumped on it like it is THE news of the day. But just when I thought it was only Fox News who had lost its journalistic mind, I heard CBS Radio News lead with the story at the top of the hour. (As of this writing, CNN has it buried on its home page, the Dallas Morning News home page has nothing about it as is the case with the Star-Telegram. But local affiliate Fox 4 had the story on its home page complete with video. Channel 8's website had nothing about it nor did KXAS Channel 5.) Edit: To clear this up for a few, my complaint is how this "news" is handled as real news by major media outlets --- not what makes headlines on a spare small town blog. ___________ * Idiocracy is a movie which portrays America far into the future where the House of Representatives had become The House of Representin', the President was a former Ultimate Fighter, every product had "Extreme" in the name or something like it, and the most popular TV show was nothing but videos of guys getting hit in the groin.