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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The official GOP site shows Nancy Pelosi in front of a wall of flames? Have they lost their minds?
  • And I don't understand all the Republican congressional outrage yesterday. From John McCain proclaiming he'll fight the bill to a handful of representatives introducing legislation to "repeal" the health care change. Kids, where was all that outrage beforehand? It's too late now.
  • If we can skip over baseball, TCU has formalized plans to play its first game at Cowboys Stadium against Oregon State in September.
  • I told you Maverick fans to tap the brakes -- they've now lost 3 out of 4.
  • For some reason I had people yelling at me for the health care bill yesterday. And more than one was upset about "having to pay for some lady that won't work but has had seven kids." Huh?
  • The NFL Network replayed "The Catch" game last night (between the Cowboys and 49ers). For giggles, I googled the box score. Wow. The 49ers killed the Cowboys and won despite having six turnovers.
  • You probably heard about some prankster in a Walmart in New Jersey who grabbed the PA mic and told "all black people" to "leave the building." But did you know they tracked him down an arrested him. Arrested? For what?
  • A Britney sighting! Hey, now.
  • Did you see the video on the news of the Dallas cop who hit the car in the intersection? I bet I replayed it 10 times last night on my TIVO. You can tell how the cop thought the car would continue to cross in front of him so he veers to the right to go behind the car. But the car stops and there's no place to go. Screenshot:
  • That clip even made national news on The Today Show this morning.
  • A federal appellate court the other day ruled that the estate of Anna Nicole Smith gets nada from the estate of her rich dead husband. That litigation has been going on forever. (And I still love the old wedding pictures.)
  • No surprise the Texas AG Greg Abbott plans to file a lawsuit challenging the national health care legislation. If it will get him in front of a camera, he'll file anything.