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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I went down to the Baylor/A&M basketball game last night (after much urging by my buddies). Good times.
  • Has I-35 been under construction for 30 years?
  • And when did everyone and their dog head south of Fort Worth towards Burleson after 5:00 p.m.
  • There's a billboard on I-35 announcing a new "cabaret" in downtown Fort Worth called "Panther City." As someone in our group said, "How do they Bass brothers allow that?"
  • I bought a leather jacket for myself for Christmas. I love the leather jacket --- those things are warm.
  • Baylor students taunted the Aggies with inflatable sheep. Funny bit.
  • The free T-shirt cannon sure is a big player in any arena.
  • Funny moment at the game came when a guy from our group turned to a very good looking gal sitting beside him and said, "Hi, I'm [name], Class of [year]." Her response was, "Uh, I'm a junior in high school." I live for moments like that.
  • I end up sitting by a cute gal who was a basketball hound. She'd scream out things like, "You've got to block out!", "You've got to square up!" and to the ref: "You've got to call the first foul and not the retaliation if you want to get control of this game!" Wore me out.
  • She was not in high school.
  • Getting in and out of a sold-out basketball game is a thousand times easier than getting in and out of a sold out football game. I guess the reason is obvious.
  • Did you know people will line up to buy kolaches in West after 10:00 at night?
  • Everyone in my group said they would be happy to relive their college days. I'm not so sure about that.
  • Also met a couple of law school students last night. I'm 100% certain I wouldn't do that again.
  • I'm not used to getting home after midnight on a school night.
  • Unrelated: Teachers get suspended for lap dance during pep rally. (But it was in crazy Canada.) Video.
  • The first item in today's Update was that a fire in Newark was declared to be arson. There is no more on an inexact science than arson investigation.
  • Channel 8 video on Jackie Murphree trial.