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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Best line yesterday from a friend: "Sheesh, doesn't anyone know to practice discretion anymore? When did that stop?"
  • You can do things with a girl while ice dancing at the Olympics that you can't do after five dates in the real world.
  • I've noticed that the ice dancing couples do a lot of "over bowing" at the end of the routine once the applause comes.
  • OK, I wrote the last two points while watching ice dancing. I'm switching to ESPN right now.
  • New credit card regulations went into effect yesterday in order to "protect consumers." When I was 18, I got my first credit card. My dad simply said, "Don't do anything stupid. You have to pay for what you charge." Those were all the regulations that I ever needed to hear.
  • This should be its own post: A buddy of mine pointed out how foot loose and fancy free the rules are if you fly a private plane by visual flight rules instead of by instrument. You can take off and fly to a different airstrip and never tell anyone that your doing it.
  • The term that sticks in my head coined by John Mayer after his Playboy interview from last week: Sexual Napalm. That guy is crazy.
  • Still my favorite John Mayer song: Comfortable.
  • The Fox 4 weather guy this morning was already talking about "black ice" for tomorrow since he really didn't have anything to talk about when it wasn't snowing.
  • It's amazing how every ad for a guy/gal running for judge in Texas is the same: A "true conservative." Won't legislate from the bench. Will interpret the law instead of make law. Tough but fair.
  • Late Tiger apology thought: The best apology had to be that of Jimmy Swaggart - full out weeping and crying. Now that's the way it's done. And, while channel surfing this weekend, I ran across a Jimmy Swaggart Ministries' show with a preacher that has to be his son. Looked just like him.
  • The two alleged church arsonists in East Texas don't look like a couple of rocket scientists, do they?
  • There's talk of a criminal investigation into Toyota? Sheesh. We've got too many cops, investigators, and prosecutors in this world if they are looking for things to do.
  • The San Diego Chargers let LaDainian Tomlinson go yesterday after nine years. Yep, he's done. How long did the Cowboys keep Emmitt Smith before allowing him to leave? Thirteen years.