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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • is down. I'm working on it. (Translated: I've sent an email to tech support asking "What's the deal?")
  • I didn't jog at all last week, but my legs feel so much better this week when I've gone back to my routine.
  • This Conan O'Brien vs. Jay Leno controversy doesn't really get my attention because I've never watched the late night talk shows. And I never was a fan of Johnny Carson, either. (You know, put an animal on your head, make a concerned face, listen to audience laugh.)
  • Most beaten down experience last week: Being on a 16 passenger tour bus for two hours when the guide decides to put in a CD of a live performance of a Spanish speaking comedian. You haven't lived until you've gone through that.
  • College Sports: Lane Kiffin, who is leaving Tennessee after one year to take the USC job, better get out of town in a hurry. Those crazy Vols will burn his house down. Really.
  • Southlake Carroll is considering an $800,000 video board for its stadium.
  • Heard this yesterday: There are two or three pivotal decisions in your life that change everything for you forever.
  • At the Wise County Republican Love Fest two days ago, there was a guy present who was handing out a pamphlet which included a warning about the "recent" illegal immigration of people from Ireland.
  • Developing: Just heard that an Arlington motorcycle cop was killed this morning when he collided with a school bus.
  • The aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti looks like it is going to be bad. I'll admit, I'm not sure I could have found it on a map until last night.
  • I won't get much work done today because I'll be looking at hot chicks who have stubbed their toes.
  • Very random legal thought: The U.S. Constitution does not mandate a jury trial for civil suits filed in a state court. Plaintiff's lawyers always say that, but they're wrong.
  • After years of in my job, I find it almost impossible to say "statue" instead of "statute."
  • Obama took heat from The Right for taking three days to address the attempted bombing of a plane on Christmas Day. But Bush took six days before he said anything about the Richard Reid "Shoe Bomber" incident.
  • When I go through a school zone, I'm overcome with the sensation that cops are everywhere.
  • A former editor and publisher of a Wise County newspaper suggested I watch "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. I have. Not bad.
  • I saw one small First Baptist Church in Costa Rica. I bet it was built during a mission trip by a U.S. church. (I think I remember First Baptist of Bridgeport doing something like that in the 1980s.)
  • I'm insane now.
  • For some reason, I watched a little bit of the OU/Texas game from 1969 on ESPN Classic last night. Of the 22 total offensive starters, only one was black.