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Civil Trial Going On In Decatur

But it looks kind of boring. Some girl got in some type of accident at Sid Richardson Boy Scout Ranch and is suing, well, somebody. It doesn't appear that her injuries were very severe. And I have no idea who the lawyers are.


Anonymous said...

We have a reporter at the scene and we'll provide additional updates within the day.

Or, we may follow the next fire or traffic accident.

Live at 5 Team

Anonymous said...

Hope the accident didn't involve any Boy Scouts.

Anonymous said...

Is this jury selection? Why are the lawyers facing away from the judge? That's not how they do it on Judge Judy!

Anonymous said...

Show me the Money!

Show Me the Money!


Anonymous said...

So did she find the boys or did they find her?

Anonymous said...

No self responsibility in America!

Time to sue!

Does this quailify as a stimulus program?

At least the lawyers have work.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm . . . maybe, just maybe, someone was hurt and it was someone's fault so they utilized their right to a jury trial, guaranteed by the US Constitution. Why do y'all hate America?

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