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Criminal Mastermind Takes Jesus

This is about a year old but I had forgotten about it. And how could I have forgotten the case of a Jesus statute being held hostage in retaliation for "wiener poopie", I'll never know.


Anonymous said...


My Other Brother Darryl

PS - Blasted Wiener Dogs! They know what they are doing!

Anonymous said...

A Jesus statute is something entirely different, although it could involve a statue

Anonymous said...


You didn't know that Jesus was taken hostage by the liberal media?

How is that a surprise?

Anonymous said...


Bush called Congress to see if the FBI could be used to help locate Jesus!

After reading some of the responses on this Blog, it should not be a surprise to learn that Jesus is missing!

Anonymous said...

Who are the Weiner people and do they own Weiner dogs?

Anonymous said...

Searching for Jesus?

Film at 11

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this story being reported in the Messenger?