Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Dead Michael Jackson and Dead Taco Bell Dog tribute. Oh, my.
  • Yesterday morning I saw a prank of a pickup truck wrapped completely in cellophane. That took some effort.
  • More proof that the world has gone crazy: "A fetus cut from the womb of a woman found dead [on Monday] in Worcester has been found alive in New Hampshire."
  • A line of storms blew through DFW during the 5:00 a.m. hour this morning and the local TV stations went nuts. Even Channel 8's Pete Delkus showed up to ratchet up the panic level.
  • When I see a lightening strike, I have the weird feeling I'm the only one that saw it.
  • I won my DWI trial but the video of him performing the field sobriety tests was really good. It's always about the video.
  • My client, who was 49 and had never been in trouble before, was incredibly nervous. I felt pretty good about the case, put him on the stand for insurance, and ended up almost losing the thing because of it.
  • The word "multi-tasking" beats me down.
  • The funeral for the father of our Sheriff is today.
  • The Beer Summit today with the President, Gates, and the officer is silly.
  • And a Boston officer's mass email about the Obama/Gates situation indicates he could be one of the commenters here on Liberally Lean.
  • Somebody printed out the story from yesterday about how tanning beds can increase the risk of cancer by 75% and left it on my desk.
  • Drag racing death in Fort Worth last night and there wasn't much left of the car. And the guy was 17 and a back seat passenger.
  • The highway signs over Lake Bridgeport call if "Bridgeport Lake" but I don't know anyone who refers to it that way.
  • Random question: What exactly are the purpose of our troops in Afghanistan? It's not the possession of territory, is it? Do we plan on killing every member of the Taliban? When will we know we won?
  • With the new Cowboys' stadium, one change that needs to occur is the firing of Rowdy.
  • WBAP's Steve Lamb this morning, while reporting on Jessica Simpson's use of the phrase "Indian Giver", wouldn't use the phrase. Instead he said, "Blank Giver."
  • And today's Update will certainly cause a little person uprising: "CAR WASH - The Chico Midget and PeeWee cheerleaders will have a car wash and bake sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Chico Mart."