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Yeah, it's a slow weekend but I did catch this opening of the Jon Stewart Show. I'm basically posting it because of the bit about the President's "stupidly" comment which begins at the 6:00 minute mark. Funny. And call me crazy, but I think his show is as informative, if not more, than the mainstream media (both left and right).


Jarhead said...

Just a couple of reminders:

1) Jon Stewart is a comedian.

2) Obama is still terrible and, apparently a racist as well. I guess that, barring any knowledge of facts, if a black guy is arrested, the arrest is racially motivated.

He's an attorney too, isn't he? Don't quit your day job, Mr. Presi... wait. Yes. Quit your day job.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason that the dumbed down public will always vote liberal. They trust this pip squeak jew boy for their news and entertainement all in one neat 30 minute package. God help us.

Anonymous said...

As you wish Barry, "You are crazy."

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is funny and often right on with his remarks and directed humor at Washington screw ups!

The part where he got a phone call about a few rich people paying for the $trillion dollar health care reform was really funny. How Obama can sell this to the public with a straight sincere face is why he was elected.

Obama shot at the docs and cops during prime time news coverage says a lot about him. It backfired and so he was trying to do damage control after his approval ratings dipped under 50%, declining among Democrats who like him but not his policies.

Even though I'm not a liberal, Jon Stewart is worth watching from time to time. He doesn't back up for the liberal screw ups.

It was a very good week for material for his program...handed to him on a silver platter!

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is a genius.

Anonymous said...

People don't seem to understand that the Daily Show is the best media watchdog on television.

And anon 11:12 a.m. You have the nerve to call the masses "dumbed down" yet your response oozes with anti-semitism. It's not a good look.

Anonymous said...

Obama = the worst disaster to EVER happen to America!

I hope we can survive!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who tries to argue that Jon Stewart is "just a comedian" has never actually watched the show. He's funny, yes. But there's plenty of substance to go with it.

Anonymous said...

1:02, I get my anti-semitism from Uncle Sammy Obammy. When our leader shows his blatant racism and dislike for our country, I follow like all the other liberal weenie sheeple.

Anonymous said...

While Stewart's bit on the currently ongoing healthcare debate contains information, in his intent to be humorous and give the appearance of being balanced, he is deceptive in this way: he pokes fun at the Rep response to the Dem plan first, and then pokes fun at the Dem explanation of their plan. The Dem explanation of their plan was intended to be serious, and came first. The Rep response came after the Dems proposed, and then began explaining and defending, their plan, and was intended to be satire on the Dem proposal.
"The Daily Show is more informative than either..." is a statement I wouldn't agree with.

Anonymous said...

Idiocracy. Congratulations.

Jarhead said...

Oh, Lord...

Quick Stewart bio from Wikipedia ~ not the most trusted news source out there, but hey, we're not talking about a real journalist here either.

"Jonathan "Jon" Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz on November 28, 1962) is an American political satirist, writer, television host, actor and stand-up comedian. He is best known as the host of The Daily Show, a satirical news program airing on Comedy Central.

Stewart started as a stand-up comedian but later branched out to television, hosting Short Attention Span Theater for Comedy Central. He went on to host his own show on MTV, called The Jon Stewart Show, and then hosted another show on MTV called You Wrote It, You Watch It. He has also had several film roles as an actor. Stewart became the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central in early 1999. He is also a writer and co-producer of the show. After Stewart joined, The Daily Show steadily gained popularity and critical acclaim leading to his first Emmy Award in 2001.

Stewart himself has also gained significant acclaim among some viewers as an acerbic satirical critic of the Bush administration and of personality-driven media shows, in particular the coverage of the U.S. news media networks CNN, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC. Critics say Stewart benefits from a double standard: he critiques other news shows from the safe, removed position of his "fake news" desk. Stewart himself agrees, countering that neither his show nor his channel purports to be anything other than satire and comedy. In spite of its self-professed entertainment mandate, The Daily Show has been nominated for a number of news and journalism awards.


How can you be nominated for something you don’t even do? That would be like me being nominated for Attorney of the Year.

I'm sure "real" journalists are very proud of being categorized with a hack comedian like Stewart.

How would you feel if all of your rock-hauling truck buddies nominated a garbage man for being Rock Hauler of the Year?

That would be a helluva event to attend, wouldn’t it? Could you imagine the parking lot? Would they have valet?

Anonymous said...

And nobody is upset about giving the Palestinians 200 mil?
They are truly the most anti-semitic people on earth. Hell, they don't just dislike Jews, they want them all dead. And they deserve $200 million why?

Oh yeah, we don't actually have any money, either. Last I heard we were seriously in debt and sinking further, faster, than ever before.

Yes I'm glad I laid in several hundred thousand rounds of ammo.

This movie has a very sad ending

Anonymous said...

I really have tried to watch the daily show on several occasions. On the surface, appears interesting, and could have potential.

But then, it ends up being disappointing. Generally just crude or infantile attempts at humor. Maybe intended for a sixth grader.

I assume they have a live studio? Where the crowd laughs, I find nothing funny. Must bus them in.

Anonymous said...

God help this poor man. He has REALLY stepped in it this time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear 1:21: Wouldn't the worst disaster in history be the George W. Bush presidency where he screwed up so much that Obama could be elected president?

Also, to all you other idiots: It amazes me that you will automatically jump on the "racist" bit the minute a "person of color" says something stupid. Give me a friggin' break. You should just go ahead and admit you are all racists.

Last thing: Some of the most intellectual and important conversations on television happen on the Daily Show. Just check out Mike Huckabee and John Stewart discussing abortion:

You will never see a discussion like that one anywhere else on TV.

Anonymous said...

Come on 615, your several thousand of rounds of ammo are probably just left over from when you thought the world was going "Mad Max" when 1999 rolled to 2000.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:15...we were out of money when W. invaded Iraq! Could of stopped the free fall right then and there and the Republicans might still be in power. One thing definitely came out of that, Cheney's company got richer and the oil companies made out like bandits.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Show is funeral serious compared to "Fox Comedy News" with smiley Brit and Howdy Doody face Chris Wallace.

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart made a joke about a set up question at the end of a prime time news conference. Obama wanted to comment on the local issue and wanted to make a race issue out of it by taking a pot shot at the police. He had just finished taking a pot shot at doctors.

What was he thinking? How stupid can the guy be? How stupid can the voters be? And how stupid to keep supporting him when he is destroying our health care.

Now he wants to smooth this over and detract from the closed door Dem only meeting today to force the Blue Dogs to vote in Obamacare that tells the elderly to just drop dead to save money to allow illegals health care!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I don't have cob far enough up my arse, but I thought that was some funny chit. Sense of humor people......USE IT! My favorite part was when he got the call he that he was actually rich.

M-M said...

I thought this was extremely funny.

I still don't understand why Obama would completely admit that he didn't know all the facts yet, in the same statement make the "stupidly" accusation. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight - ya'll would not have gotten upset if the local police harassed you in your own home? This police officer should have excused himself explaining that he was just responding to a possible burglary call. He could have then left quietly. When he was asked for his badge number, he should have given it. Then Gates could have complained to the police dept. and all would have been cool. However, the officer chose to make an issue of Gates' indignation. I think it was an unfortunate event and both parties acted kind of stupidly.

M-M said...

2:18 pm Get your facts straight. The officer, in order to verify that the man in the house lived there, asked for an ID. How else is he suppose to verify who lives there? You look at an ID and you see a picture, a name and the address of residence. But Gates refused and went on a rampage about being profiled and calling him whitey and his mama etc. before he ever produced an ID. Gates is a jerk.