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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The most over-hyped legislation ever was the "Castle Doctrine." It eliminated the duty to retreat before deadly self defense is used in your own home. But before the change, there was not a grand jury that would indict or a jury would convict if a homeowner failed to retreat.
  • The smokin' hot Fiona Gorostiza of Fox 4 has a chance to co-host Regis and Kelly. Go vote here. Me loves me some Fiona.
  • Fox 4's Lari Barager has a birthday today. I wonder how old she is?
  • The Fort Worth Weekly finally changed it's worst web site in the history of ever.
  • I have a DWI trial this morning, but it may only last one day.
  • Tony Romo reportedly put out a Red Alert to keep Jessica out. Hang tough, big guy.
  • Reality shows really don't do it for me.
  • I once saw a couple get engaged on top of the Hoover Dam. And it was the smallest diamond I had ever seen.
  • I never worry about putting making a bank deposit through the mail.
  • I started it about a year ago, but I use my debit card for everything. I never go to the ATM any more.
  • Do you really need to arrest a 12 year old for sexual assault?
  • A rain filled week in the middle of summer should be mandatory.
  • Michael Jackson's doctor will be indicted by the time all is said and done.
  • "He said the contact allegation involved a nurse wearing a jacket that said either God or Jesus 'wants us to sing.' Grant said he held his thumb over the g in sing — without touching her — to make it appear that the jacket said God or Jesus 'wants us to sin.'" --- That got a Tarrant County doctor officially disciplined.
  • Is that a piece of tape on that girl in the pic?