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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • How far was Reagan into his first presidency when he was shot? Wow: 2 months.
  • Watched a little of the No Spin Zone last night. Bill O'Reilly trying to have a couple of "care free" segments is forced awkwardness's. One thing that man is not is "fun."
  • Thinking back to the youtube church procession dance video, does it make anyone uncomfortable that it occurred in a church?
  • Jessica Simpson is in trouble for saying she is not an "Indian giver" when asked if she was going to ask for the boat back that she gave to Tony Romo as a gift. Puhlleeze.
  • According to today's Messenger, property values within Decatur ISD increased almost 10% last year. Which is believable unless you tried to sell real estate within Decatur ISD.
  • I'm told that most people sleep all night -- that the next thing that happens after they go to sleep is that they hear the alarm clock the next morning. That hasn't happened to me in years. I normally wake up two or three times.
  • My DWI trial will wrap up this morning -- it could go either way -- which is normally all I can ask for.
  • Any one else get powered down by seeing Wade Phillips at the opening press conference for the Dallas Cowboys training camp?
  • The story of the mentally ill man who stabbed the female UPS driver is bizarre. I wonder if she'll give up the job?
  • The more we here of Michael Jackson's drug use the more he seems like Elvis.
  • Goofy Glenn Beck called Obama a racist on Fox's Fox and Friends? I know he's trying to call attention to himself, but he might want to back off the throttle.
  • The Ticket's Craig Miller called I-35 the "Trail of Tears" today: Dallas (JFK assassination) to Waco (Branch Davidians) to Killeen (the Luby's mass murder) to Jarrell (tornado) to San Antonio (the Alamo.) Edit: He also mentioned Austin (the UT Tower shooting). A reader mentioned Oklahoma City (the bombing). And wasn't it the I-35 bridge that collapsed in Minnesota a couple of years ago?