The Hangover

I finally broke down and saw "The Hangover" this weekend. Verdict: Very, very funny. It's along the lines of "Knocked Up" or "Super Bad" but, dare I say, better. The "guys go to Las Vegas" movies have been done time and time again, but this one has an interesting twist. The guys wake up after a night of partying, remember nothing, and spend the rest of the movie looking for a missing friend using a series of bizarre clues (a missing tooth, a baby in the closet, a tiger in the bathroom, one of them wearing a hospital wrist band.) And the movie raps up in a fantastic fashion. One of the guys finds a camera which contains the digital images that will explain the lost night. They agree to look at them one time and then delete them. From there, the images appear rapid fire on the screen as the credits roll to the side. The dialogue was witty, the audience constantly recoiled in shock or laughter, and I'm not sure I caught all the funny stuff that was going on. One commenter mentioned on IMDB that the actors, at one point of another, quoted lines from "Leaving Las Vegas", "Casino", and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." And I didn't catch a single line. Joe Bob says check it out.