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Random Football Thoughts

  • I would have bet a small fortune that A&M wouldn't beat Tech. Easily the most shocking result of the season so far. (A&M 52, Tech 30)
  • I can't believe that score.
  • The best headline about the game I saw read, "Stunned Guns."
  • I'm beginning to think Baylor shouldn't be in the Big 12, and it hurts to say that. (OSU 34, Baylor 7)
  • Any big high school should make an offer to Todd Dodge. He has to want to get out of that gig at North Texas. (Troy 50, UNT 26)
  • I felt pretty sure that BYU would beat TCU. I now feel pretty sure that TCU is very good. (TCU 38, BYU 7)
  • But mid-major Boise State, who doesn't have to play anyone after beating Oregon on opening weekend, could screw TCU over. The highest ranked of the two gets an automatic bid to a BCS bowl game, and the other can only get into it if invited. (Crazy BCS rules here.)
  • Edit: As a commenter pointed out, when the BCS standing were released after I wrote this, TCU had leapfrogged (get it?) Boise State.
  • Funny sign in the stands: "Boise Is Not A State. We Checked."
  • Kind of funny Game Day sign at BYU about TCU's starting QB: "Dalton Dates Cougars."
  • Nebraska turned the ball over eight times - four of them inside Iowa State's five yard line. You should never win when you do that. They didn't. (Iowa State 9, Nebraska 7)
  • Texas replaced a couple of wide receivers and now looks like they are ready to roll. They'll be in the National Championship game. And the way Alabama and Florida look, they could win it. Kill me. (Texas 41, Missouri 7)
  • I can't stand Tennessee's Lane Kiffin. But I like it when I have a villain.
  • Dallas' 3:00 p.m. start would give us a chance to see if the sun comes in from the west through the glass. But it's cloudy.
  • Jimmy Johnson was on the Fox pre-game show bragging about cutting Curvin Richards after fumbling in 1992. Sheesh. I feel compelled to mention that Jimmy's last game was a 62-7 loss in the playoffs when he was coaching Miami.
  • Worst. Uniforms. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Hook em Horns! Poor Tech getting blown out by the Aggies. Baylor does not belong in the Big 12! Give us TCU they deserve to be there.

christine.evans279 said...

i pretty much scan-ignored this post.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you went out and gardened instead of following this pointless football activity if the world would be greener, if you would be healthier, if a liberal cause like co2 reduction might actually be furthered.

Or, if in reality, the liberal agenda is just a feel-good farce nobody would ever inconvenience himself over.

Yeah, I think that's it.

Half-Baked Al Gore

Anonymous said...

GO FROGS!!!!! BCS bowl here we come!!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of co2, isn't that the stuff that makes bubbles in soda? Would banning soda help save the planet? Since we're all too lazy to plant trees anyway.

Anonymous said...

Great game by TCU!!!! and Bridgeport's own Colin Jones played great.

Anonymous said...

You were right Barry, it was stupid not to televise the A&M/Tech game.

Anonymous said...

Florida and Alabama are fine. They are playing high caliber teams with a lot of talent, so winning "ugly" gives the appearance of not being all that great. Don't be fooled. They are very very good teams. TCU comes as close as anyone to being able to compete with the SEC powers in a major bowl. Similar type team.

Anonymous said...

TCU would pass Boise easily in the polls if both finished unbeaten, based on schedule strength. Pollsters will start advancing TCU over Boise. And, Clemson continuing to play good football will help TCU a lot.

Anonymous said...

Just solve global warmism once and for all by banning the human race since we all exhale CO2.

Anonymous said...

I heartily agree with your assessment of the Baylor uniforms. When I first saw them I said to Husband, "Those are the ugliest uniforms I have ever seen."

The color looks close to being khaki. If uniforms communicate a message, this one says - "WEAK, TIRED & FADING."

Did Baylor let a rival design their uniforms?

Anonymous said...

Latest BCS rankings says Boise State will not be a problem. Wrong again Barry. Come Barry don't FEAR the FROG, get behind them and support a winner.

Anonymous said...

cows will NOT win it all this year, they still have NO running game.. and well Colt's just not that good.

Anonymous said...

So are you trying to get Robert Morgan's old sports reporting job? Give it up, dude!

BportTXAG said...

Meh, Texas has played NO ONE except OU, and they looked like crap. Let's see how they play Okie Lite. I wouldn't hang yourself just yet.

Anonymous said...

Texas has played one ranked team and only beat them by 3. It's pretty easy for a powerhouse program like Texas to be undefeated while playing the likes of Louisiana-Monroe & UTEP. Bama & Florida will be too much for the horns.

M-M said...

TCU's defense is impressive and overall team speed both on defense and offense is really good. I was impressed. Hope they do well.

Anonymous said...

north texas needs to cancel the football program. as an alumni, I never went to the games. I commuted from Dallas to Denton for night school. UNT is a commuter ( insert music, business, comp/sci, now law here) school! We just dont care!

Cancel the program, pave the field.. you need the parking.

RPM said...

Coach Gary Patterson has assembled a true team. The Horned Frogs are 58-1 when opponents score 17 or less. Next 5 games are against UNLV, San Diego State, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico.

I smell ROSES!

Fear The Frogs!!!

Anonymous said...

The Baylor Bears have never lost when they held their opponents to 0 points or less. Much better than a mere 58-1 record when holding opponents to 17 or less.

Go Bears!!!!

Jarhead said...

Bitchslapped by the Frogs again, eh? Turn the other cheek and they'll bitchslap you once more.

Love. It.

Oh and stop thinking Baylor will ever be good. I'm glad you finally came to terms with what everyone else on Earth already knows: the do not now, nor did they ever, belong in the Big XII.

Anonymous said...

I know that when Decatur gets the new Turf field they will start winning some football games just you wait and see!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go so far to say that Baylor doesn't belong in the Big 12. There's more to the Big 12 than football. Of course that is the biggest sport, but the Bears more than hold their own in the other sports. They have turned men's basketball into a contender, women's basketball has won the National Championship. The baseball team is always nationally ranked and their track and tennis teams are always up there.
We need to give Art Briles a little more time. He has brought in some great players over the last couple of season and the team would have been a lot better if not for some pretty big injuries to key players like Robert Griffin, Jay Finley and Mikael Baker.
Oh and I agree about the uniforms.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

LOL @ commenters today...

Alabama struggles and has to get lucky to get past a BAD, UNRANKED Tennessee team and they get a free pass?

Guys, the SEC is not the far and away powerhouse you think it is.

BeenThereDoneThat said...

Go easy on the Bears, there, my friend. They got soundly beat by a good OSU team but that's not the end of the world. The rest of the sports teams are going to do very well this year and Art B. needs some more time. If Griffin comes back 100%, Baylor will be very good next year.

Also, all if forgiven if they can beat a&m again.

Anonymous said...

SEC is the toughest confrence to play in. An unranked SEC team is way better than any little 12 team. Free pass, they have earned everything they have. Nice try though. It don't really matter, the cows will win out and lose to the SEC Champion.