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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • My DWI trial (the one I'm defending - not accused of) will wrap up this morning. Those things are exhausting, and it's almost impossible to explain why.
  • And we had a very funny moment in trial when a trooper referred to traffic control devices embedded into a highway as a slang term that should never be said in mixed company. When I heard it I turned to the County Attorney who was sitting beside me, suppressing laughter, who whispered, "Don't look at me. Don't look at me."
  • Going to the mailbox really isn't any fun anymore.
  • I absolutely hate watching news footage of kids getting a vaccine.
  • Sheesh. The FAA revoked the license/certificate of the two pilots who overshot their airport last week. I understand a suspension, but destroying their livelihood?
  • Browsed the City of Denton book-in photos. This one got my attention (and the commenters are pretty funny.)
  • Lake Bridgeport is always hard to fill, but even I'm surprised it is still eight feet low after all the rain this year.
  • Heard a rumor from a triple un-fake reliable source that the Messenger's Update is close to a redesign that might possibly allow comments.
  • Did you know in 1998, before the Messenger had a web site, I got permission to scan the Update and upload it every day? Sure, I only got it uploaded in the evening, but that was pretty cool back then.
  • Bridgeport's Kyle Clifton memorabilia on E-bay. (Thanks, Mike.)
  • Anybody else uncomfortable with the DirecTV ad showing the very dead Chris Farley singing "Fat Boy in a Little Coat"?
  • Texas has only executed 19 people this year. We getting soft on crime?
  • A computer application I've always hated: Microsoft Outlook.
  • Afghanistan is about to turn into a cluster. And the top general wants us to send in 40,000 more troops? Man, this is really beginning to sound like Vietnam.
  • And all the while, Pakistan turns into a triple cluster. As you slept, a car bomb killed 80 in the most violent country in the world.
  • Which reminds me of one of the dumbest things W ever said, "If we withdraw, they will follow us home."
  • The Messenger did something genius this weekend: They began printing summaries of random calls for service that the Sheriff's office received. Completely wheels off and I plan to steal that idea.
  • Halloween on a Saturday night seems like a dangerous combo. Or a fun one.
  • For some crazy reason, the Ticket was debating how you "do meth" this morning. Host Craig Miller, at around 7:20 a.m., said, "Go to Wise County and ask somebody."


Anonymous said...

Meth in Wise County

I resemble that remark of Junior Miller

Triple Fake Hammer

Anonymous said...

I thought the exact same thing when I saw the ad for DirecTV. Weird. Wonder who owns the rights to that, David Spade?

Anonymous said...

Caption for pic...

"A couger caught chasing a cabana boy at Sandals."

Anonymous said...

Barry, I found this chart that shows executions in Texas by year--what the poo happened between 1991 and 1992? If you scan from top to bottom that's where you see the big jump.

Anonymous said...

Barry I think you bribed the officials to schedule Texas to play in the evening on Halloween night so everyone would be too busy to watch it!

Anonymous said...

I don't resemble that remark by Junior Miller
I do resent somebody co-opting my triple fake signature

And the line by Farley is "Fat MAN in a little coat"

Original Triple Fake

DocLogic said...

I thought the same thing about the pilots. Revoking is over the top. They might have been late, but they weren't necessarily unsafe.

W's statement was a good one. Not sure why that's not clear. The twin towers should have hammered that home. And nothing has happened at home since we went after them. Our national "attitude" didn't provoke them to do it the first time, but they did it.

The Chris Farley Ad made me do a double take. For a second, my subliminal mind thought...he's back!! Wishing. He was the best. The more Chris Farley, the better.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, 8:20?

I don't think you are much of a Texas fan if you are too busy to watch them play Oklahoma State on Saturday.

Priorities! Halloween & kids before UT v. OSU? Not going to happen in this house.

The game is a sellout by the way. As usual, teams set attendance records when UT comes to play them.

This is sure to be a great game.

Hook 'em.

Anonymous said...

Lake Bridgeport is always hard to fill, but even I'm surprised it is still eight feet low after all the rain this year.

Who are you "The hardest man in the world to suprise"?

"I don't always get suprised, but when I do it's always with lake levels."

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't watch a Texas game on any other night especially if Herbstreet and Musburger are the commentaters. Those two are so obviously up U.T.'s butt it's sickning.

On the war; I read an article yesterday of a Government official who has completed a number of tours in Iraq and Afganistan, he has resigned his position. Was asked to come back in a different job classification and he turned it down. This guy was well thought of, Marine, new his job and did it well but what he had to say about the war put a different perspective on things. His name is Matthew Hoh and he worked in the Foreign Services division. Regardless of ones opinion on the war, Hoh's article makes complete and total sense as to the problems our military faces over there. More politics are being played than they ever have been, for whatever reason. We need to bring these guy's home, leave a small number of special ops to find Ben Laden and if the terrosit want to follow us home, bring it on!!You can read the article on the "Drudge Report".

wordkyle said...

1. It's too early to know if Bush's remark about terrorists following us home is accurate. Discovering that he was right may be an unpleasant experience.

2. I use Outlook constantly to keep track of appointments, contacts, etc. It syncs with my phone, which is handy.

3. Considering that military jets likely were prepared to blow the aircaraft and all its passengers out of the sky if the situation went on too much longer, the "distracted" pilots got off kinda easy. The FAA takes the rogue aircraft thing pretty seriously anymore.

Ricky said...

Wait a minute, Barry. You want the government to take over regulating healthcare but you want the FAA to NOT do their job of regulating air safety because they are "destroying their livelihood"?

Can't have it both ways, bucko. Big government is big government ALL the time. Not just when it's convenient.

Anonymous said...

The pilots weren't just "late" they were not paying attention. They flew 150 miles into airspace they were not approved for. Can you imagine an airliner flying in DFW air space that was not supposed to be there? The air traffic controllers were scrambling to keep other planes out of their path. They did not respond to calls from the tower for an hour. Sound like flight 91?
They were lucky they weren't shot down as they were looking more and more like a terrorist hijacked plane. They endangered the lives of everyone on that plane in more ways than one.
Lake level....the watershed for Lake Bridgeport is in Jack County at the head of the Trinity. Need to check eastern Jack County rainfall numbers.

K1p said...

No, it's not too early to tell, the comment was idiotic. If they want to commit terror in the US, why wait until we leave. It is in their own interest to have us over there fighting. The more kids housewife's and farmers we incinerate, collaterally or otherwise, the more members they recruit.

It is a symbiotic relationship. The evil-doer's need us over there for recruitment purposes, and the neo-cons need them over here for recruitment purposes.

Suppress the dollar, invest in oil (war). Profit!

Anonymous said...

Graig Miller is a fat, loud mouth idiot, who's show is now more than an eighties morning show " yuck yuck yuck, we just said something dirty and talked about farting"
I stopped listening to them along time ago, 103.3 and 105.3 both actually talk sports!

Anonymous said...

Did you read on Ch 11 that they(TDC) are going to give out the H1N1 shots to inmates? With all the shortages of the shots inmates will be protected and not law abiding citizens esp children. I understand that the close quarters they share could be a nightmare if the flu breaks out there, but come on there has to be some priorites.

Anonymous said...

"Sheesh. The FAA revoked the license/certificate of the two pilots who overshot their airport last week. I understand a suspension, but destroying their livelihood?"

What about how many lives the "laptop pilots" (yeah right!) could have destroyed with their inattention. Serves them right! They should've thought of that prior to playing on their laptops. I find it very hard to believe that operating a laptop would have drowned out the sound of the radio when the FAA was relentlessly trying to make contact with the pilots for over an hour!

Give me a Break! THEY WERE SLEEPING or GIVING EACH OTHER BJS! Of course they deserve to be fired!

Anonymous said...


You have just shown that you "really" don't know what you are talking about as far as the ABC commentators being UT lovers! Longhorn fans would highly differ with you regarding that statement. They are blatantly USC and ou fans. You stated you don't watch the UT games so you obviously do not hear them root for the trojans and the sooners.

BTW - it's not Brent is Brent Muffburger...that's how the UT fans refer to him. We don't like him either.

Glad my kids aren't young enough to trick or treat any more...don't have to worry about the priorities...however...i would use my DVR and record it if I did have small children.


The Evil Empire Lover!

Anonymous said...

uh, 9:38 it's Craig Miller

and let's face it, the fart drops are funny

chupacabra said...

As in many of lifes situations those two pilots were unlucky- and got caught. They're pretty much scapegoats but, is there an alternative?
The average American has a such a weird misundertanding of air travel anyway, there would be riots if those guys weren't sacrificed.
Essentially 100% of air crews nap while on the flight deck- normally in shifts though.

Anonymous said...

Convicts and flu...statistics are funny, they are supposed to be the be all and end all of how to track things, but you can fudge numbers without trying too hard, and with that caveat: nationally there are about 2.1 million priosoners in lock up and Texas houses about 8% of them on any given day. Each year there are about 600,000 inmates release from federal or state jail, which, if numbers remain constant, means that in Texas there are about 480 people release from prison every day, 3360 per week, and so on. Making sure that group isn't bringing something special to the general public on release, say like active infulenza, isn't the worst way to spend a dollar. But it makes one heck of a headline in the Star Telegram, doesn't it?

And the Tickect was propbably on the Meth thing this morning b/c Andre Agassi has a book coming out where he admits to using meth and lying to tour officials about it.


Anonymous said...

Outlook express ain't so bad.
Outlook on the web thing, not so good.

The Mac mail client is a weird one.

Unfatcat said...

I don't think it's too early Wordbile. I think that anyone that would make a statement like that is just using scare tactics because those middle eastern countries do not have much of a Navy or Air Force and the Taliban and Al Queda damn sure don't have one. All they can muster is 20 teenagers and 20 somethings who hate life so much that they are willing to commandeer 4 airplanes in the same hour and crash them into the two tallest buildings in New York. We have lost twice as many soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan as we did in New York and I believe it hasn't happened since because we tightened security like never before while giving up some of our basic freedoms. Not because we sent soldiers to a country that had nothing to do with terrorist support until we got there.
We have made the Middle east considerably worse and created terrorists in places there were none before.
So do I think Barry's statement about W's statement was an accurate one? Damn right I do.
No, they don't play by the rules but we have to or we are made into pariahs across the world.
I'm for taking every soldier out of Iraq as soon as possible and Afghanistan as well. Innocent people are dying there every day and our armed forces are mostly just sitting ducks for a suicide bomber.
Anybody remember VietNam. I remember it intimately. We were wrong then and we are wrong now.

Double Fake Bill Gates said...

Thunderbird email FTW.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

9:39... umm, Craig Miller is not fat.

Outlook is pretty simple to use. Outlook Express is an okay lite version, I prefer the full on version. And like Wordkyle, I sync it with my phone and there is no better way to keep up with my PIM.

Hook 'em!

Barry, you can fly with these two guys... I will pass.

Anonymous said...

Sitting at DQ in Jacksboro for lunch yesterday, I read an article by a business writer excoriating David Spade for the DirecTV ad.


Somehow the writer had assumed [he had] guardianship of Chris Farley's image or reputation, and was really raking Spade over the coals.

I have another view.

I would guess that Spade, and Farley's estate, probably have a better feel for what CF would've approved, and it's none of the business writer's business how his image is used. There's nothing distasteful about the ad.

And, incidentally, the family apparently plans to use the CF estate's portion of the royalties for a drug rehab/prevention foundation in the actor's name.

Anonymous said...

8:46- LOL

9:38- Do you even know anything about The Ticket? It's CRAIG and he far from fat.

Anonymous said...

P.C. term would be the defendant ran over the "urban breast" traffic control devices.

Triple Fake B.G.

wordkyle said...

K1p - Since we haven't withdrawn yet, it is too early to tell if Bush was accurate. Your question, for which you could apparently find no answer, was If they want to commit terror in the US, why wait until we leave?

Possible answers:
- They depeleted their resources combatting our troops "over there."
- We have killed their leadership and the organization(s) is/are in disarray.
- They're fearful of reprisals.
- They've lost too many jihadists in combat and don't have anyone trained enough to come over here.
- They prefer the relatively more convenient targets of our troops.
- They are discouraged because of the pressure from their countrymen to not piss of the US again.

I don't claim that any of these is correct. However, your question has many possible answers, and neither you nor I have particular insight to the answer. Bush's opinion, therefore, may be entirely accurate, much to our dismay.

Unfat - I think you are factually wrong on more than one point. Al Qaida had more resources than the 20 "lone gunmen" that you claim. Also, Iraq was a known supporter of international terrorists.

You compare loss of soldiers' lives to those lost on 9/11. Nevermind the Monday morning quarterbacking, second-guessing, and 20/20 hindsight that makes everyone an expert after the fact. You fail to take into account the lives that might have been lost to more domestic terrorist attacks without the Bush administration's actions. That what-if scenario has no answer, but if you compare one aspect of it (soldiers' lives vis-à-vis 9/11 victims) then it's fair to consider the alternative.

Anonymous said...

Lake Bridgeport is not really a lake. It is a resevoir so it is not intended to be full. It is intended for Lake Worth and Eagle Mountain Lake to be a constant level lake. Hopefully Lake Bridgeport will become that once the negotiations go through. This is Resevoir Bridgeport not Lake Bridgeport.

Anonymous said...

I smoke Hydro and have lied to officials for years...

Anonymous said...

10:46 put it where it belongs our government and citizens didn't have the resolve to win in Viet Nam and they don't have it now. The soldiers could and would have then and now. It comes down to leadership motivation is it profit or are we led by a bunch of weenies no wait can't say that after all the comander in chief had all the answers when he took office so it must be of some profit to keep it going,like maybe keeping the pubics eyes off of other problems that aren't working out to good either.

Anonymous said...

It's called the Chris Farley Foundation, that is who runs and benefits from his estate. His brother who looks like him in an erie way,s goes to middle schools and high schools and discusses the dangers of doing drugs. His family developed and works very hard to make this foundation honor of Chris. It is predominately in the Midwest as the Farley's was born and raised in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I think the two pilots were doing the steward for the mile high club/// fake pilot

Anonymous said...

It's "Fat guy in little coat."

Anonymous said...

The pilots would heve been better off saying that they were asleep. Then, the union would get involved and defend the pilots. I believe that they were on their laptops.

Were those "imbedded traffic control devices" called "CITY T_ _ _ Y"? (Rhymns with Ditty.)

Anonymous said...

You guys are on meth.

Anonymous said...

W was completely correct, we would be fighting them off on our own soil if we didn't take a stand after 911.
The pilots should loose their license if you don't hear or see that the controllers are trying to get in contact with you then your asleep at the wheel. People pay to fly with a pilot that is awake and doing his job and not putting your life in danger. This type of lack behavior will only get worse and with lose of lives if they don't make an example of these 2 idiots.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with inmates getting the vaccines. They're people, too, and living in a closed environment, they're at much higher risk than most. Some people need to develop a heart...not all people serving time are bad people.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If they aren't bad people, why are they serving time? Surely they aren't locked up just for the heck of it.

Anonymous said...


We are good people as well, but we don't have the vaccines ready for us. If the prisoners were to be exposed to the flu going around, then they'd probably drop like flies and we wouldn't have to support so many of them in the prison system.

Just sayin.....

Double Fake Cool Hand Luke!

Anonymous said...

3:23. Obviously you are extremely naive, or possibly just ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Hey I have $2.50 sitting in my card collection I didn't know about, autographed Kyle Clifton cards. whoot whoot!

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys get it? Al Qaeda didn't want to invade the US - it just wanted to bankrupt this country. And it looks like they'er well on they way! We've spent zillions of dollars here and over there defending against a small band of idealistic misfits. We've been at it for nearly 8 years. Yup, they had a plan and executed it and looks like they won.