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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • You boys set a record for unapproved comments directed towards MzChief yesterday. A banner day but you can't say that.
  • If I were to bet on a basketball game in Vegas (legally at a sports book), how much would I have to bet in order to get the clerk to raise an eyebrow at me?
  • "In a letter to congressional leaders, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the money would be deducted from the government's latest $30 billion infusion of bailout funds [to IAG]." That doesn't solve anything. The people that got the bonuses at AIG still keep the bonuses. (And it's silly because the government owns AIG any way.)
  • Most know about the crazy-task-force-pick-on-blacks scandal of Tulia, Texas but there was also a lesser known one in Hearne, Texas. And now a movie has been made about it called "American Violet" which premiered in, uh, Hearne a couple of days ago.
  • That scandal could have happened in Wise County. Easily.
  • There is a list of new indictments in the Messenger this morning. About 90% of them are drug related. The time and money we waste.
  • I've had two people come see me in the last week which were arrested for having less than a joint in their cars. Bridgeport PD gets really excited about that.
  • Drug rant over.
  • I can't decide if I think Asian women are hot.
  • Anyone else ready to give up on the federal government (regardless of which party is in control)?
  • I saw the name of "Cody Duty" under a photo in the Dallas Morning News yesterday. Joe Duty's son?
  • Anybody got any stories of trying to get a job right out of college? I would think that would be a little tough.
  • Crazy name of a player for Morehead State on ESPN last night: Grlenntys Chief Kickingstallionsims.
  • Saw a real estate sign with the name of "Trip Green" on it in Fort Worth. I like that name.
  • George Stephanopoulos interviewing John McCain on Twitter yesterday is one of the silliest things I've ever heard.
  • Anyone giving financial advice on TV has zero credibility with me.



interesting epilogue to Tulia story...most all defendants were subsequently arrested in southern Oklahoma and north Texas on drug related charges. Most notable are those arrested for possession with intent to deliver.

Anonymous said...

If a crazy task force were to pick on black people in WC, wouldn't they spend a lot of time sitting around twiddling their thumbs? Not THAT many black folks around here, are there?
I'm just sizzayin', yo!

Anonymous said...

I’ve always liked mzchief but, good lord; I can clearly see why people hate her so much. Her better than thou attitude is too much at times. I don’t think she realizes she does it. We all have faults.

She might want to step back and take a look at herself in that big ole mirror every time she comments on how she enjoys stirring haters up on her being her. Looks to me they stir her up too otherwise, she’d avoid giving them the time of day.

Anonymous said...

There is a list of new indictments in the Messenger this morning. "About 90% of them are drug related. The time and money we waste.
I've had two people come see me in the last week which were arrested for having less than a joint in their cars. Bridgeport PD gets really excited about that."

Drugs are illegal, it doesnt matter if its "less than a joint" or xx kilos. If you get caught with it you should expect to be punished, period.

Quit being so whiny about drugs Barry. If these stupid people didnt use, get caught and get indicted, you might be out of a job. Think of it as job security. ;)

Casual Observer said...

So, why didn't you post the Mzchief comments?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it - in regard to your first comment about all the posts about mzchief.... There were a lot of posts (I had one myself - hehe) but don't you approve all the posts?

And we can't say what?

Anonymous said...

Gawd if I was there with them,Lake Bridgeport would be up nearly a foot.

Anonymous said...

Top recipients of political donations from AIG were Chris Dodd and Obama. Top recipients from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were Chris Dodd and Obama. You know, us taxpayers have to pay for what we get. Votes and support are not free. Some AIG employees, who received bonuses paid for by bailout money, were involved in decisions to make donations to these two men. A question I have for you Obama supporters and one that Bob Dylan once asked is: “How many times can a man look up before he sees the sky?”

Anonymous said...

A job right outta college? blah! It only took me 3 months.. and the first thing I did wrong was apply for jobs in wise county with a degree! I have a very rewarding job now... its just too bad it has NOTHING to do w/ my degree..

I applied for an administrative job at one of these lovely wise county establishments.. after i turned in a resume the woman literally called me RIGHT back to immediately schedule an interview the next im sitting there waiting and the woman and some girl come in and the first thing im asked is why would u even apply..u have a good degree? uh.. HELLO.. u gotta start somewhere.. and wasn't she the one who IMMEDIATELY called me back? It was obvious there was no room for brains within that company..

Anonymous said...

Re: Interesting names

The all-time greatest race car name (or any other, for that matter) is retired NASCAR driver Dick Trickle. I still get a chuckle remembering his name called by a track announcer, followed by shocked looks from prim track first timers.

What did that man say? Well!

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

The AIG deal is a complete joke. Hypocricy at it's finest!!
Obama even received over $100,000.00 from them and Chris Dodd received the most. Don't panic Libs, Republicans received their fair share, I know. What's so hypocritical is the way it was written and those talking the most like Dodd. He wants to "tax it" but can't because of the way it was written and he realizes that. He and others are only trying to appear to be the do-gooders. Makes me want to puke. The only thing that can change Washington now is for the American public to raise entirely, completely and any other way you can describe it, Holy Hell. Term limits are needed desperately for everyone in Washington and the IRS should not receive any mail for the month of April or anytime after until we get Washington's attention, no matter if your getting a refund or otherwise. Look people, Washington doesn't care. They're proving it everyday and we just sit back and watch. Washington has guided us all into a helpless attitude through various ways and have entrinched our thinking with, "well if I have mine that's all that matters, it's not politically correct to say anything". Wake up America or life as we know it is done. They're running us over and taking advantage of our ignorance, or otherwise, refusal to acknowledge they're pompus-ass attitude because they don't think we can do anything. Whatever happened to the "Power in Numbers" theory.

Kingfish said...

can you prove it,

Do you have a link for that story? I haven't heard that, and I would like to read.

Anonymous said...

Funny, 9:04. "I have a very rewarding job now... it’s just too bad it has NOTHING to do w/ my degree."

Did you even read your comment? That college degree really helped your current status didn't it? Who's the moron now?

Being an office manager, I know first hand about you college degree folks. FYI, it means nothing, it’s just a piece of paper. You have no hands on experience. I'd much rather work with someone who is already experienced at something than have to train someone on the basic day to day activities in the workforce. Colleges should work on this.

That's the problem with college degrees unless; it is an actual trade of some sort.

Anonymous said...

9:27, thank you. You have a clear view of the sky and your eyes see it. The politicians of this country manipulate us, the ignornat masses. We are the fans at a football game. The game is fixed. We call ourselves Democrats and Republicans and have our stupid arguments on our blogs and in our coffee shops. We are the sacrificial lambs of politicians from both political parties. Theirs is an art of deception learned in law school and law practice.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the few things I agree with Barry on. Getting arrested for one little joint? Who was he hurting? Sure, I don't think it's good to smoke and drive, nor do I think it's good to drink and drive. But It doesn't sound like he was smoking and driving. There is alot of tax payers money wasted on petty "crimes" such as this. Alot of jail space is taken up by marijuana smokers. I could almost guarantee you that weed is better for you than alcohol. Yet alcohol is legal.

A solution for Mzchief is to ignore her. Sure she is an arrogant person, but you all are only feeding the fire when you attack her. She used the word "cretin" yesterday. You can't beat that.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think that my college degree is a little more than just a piece of paper. It represents over four years of study and work. Yes, I said work. Most college students work to support themselves or at least help with expenses. Many programs have internships or student teaching programs that help earn experience. Yes, it is nice to work with experience, but everyone has to start somewhere and "That piece of paper" shows that that person stuck to a study for at least 4 years.
Most people don't really work in the field with their degree, but they did learn responsibility, getting the assignment done, and many other intangibles.

Anonymous said...

9:36.... sound a bit guess is you never stepped foot in a college classroom. My college degree DOES mean something. It means I had the drive and desire to complete a task. It's a piece of paper that says I completed that task.

In my opinion, one gets hands-on experience by doing a job. College degree or not, did YOU have all the experience you needed when you started your job in the beginning - my guess is not even close. You can't get the hands on experience without: 1st - applying for a job, 2nd - actually getting hired for said job, 3rd - doing said job. It doesn't take a college degree to figure that one out(or maybe it does since I just did)

I live in Wise County, but thankfully I have a CAREER that has nothing to do with the rise and fall of this place AND I could get another similar job tomorrow in the same line of work. Oh yeah - you HAVE to have a college degree to do my job (I am not a doc or a lawyer, CPA, etc.)

So when you start ranting about all the little college grads trying to get an entry-level job around here, remember they do have experiences you DON'T have that they bring to the table They are just trying to get started just like you did when you were 18 and right out of high school (you did graduate high school, right?). But when you don't hire them because of your insecurity that they might take your job someday - remember this: they have a lot more options to get a job than you do.

mzchief said...

Barry has NEVER declined to approve one of my comments responding to a HATER which is a clear indication of the quality of my comments versus those of my haters. Has it EVER crossed anyone's mind to wonder why Barry approves comments that level personal attacks at ANY commenter on his blog?

If the government crafts some scheme to regain/prevent the contracted bonuses/compensation paid to employees of AIG will the government do the same with compensation packages paid to union workers of GM and Chrysler? I would venture to say NO because union workers vote for Democrats. Keep in mind, the dolts in D.C. screaming the loudest about the bonuses are the ones who VOTED FOR the bill ALLOWING the bonuses.

Law enforcement in Wise County have too much integrity to EVER engage in criminal behaviour such as that in Tulia.

Government will NEVER, successfully, be able to control the PERSONAL behaviour of ADULTS. Current drug laws in the U.S. are just as moronic as were prohibition laws in the US during the 1920's and early 1930's. Anytime the legal penalty for doing something does more damage to an individual and/or society than the act for which someone is being punished, there is SOMETHING wrong with the law.

Son mzchief has an Asianfixation. The last 3 girls he has dated are fabulously beautiful Asians. Without a doubt, there are gorgeous Asian women.

Angels will burn in Hell before I EVER vote for ANYONE currently in office, ANYWHERE. We need term limits and I suggest a 2 term MAX with the exception of Wise County's current High Sheriff.

Two friends' children, who graduated May 2008, have yet to obtain employment in their degree fields. One has a masters in JOURNALISM. (With the advent of the Interweb and the demise of print media, WHO gets a degree in Journalism?) The second has a BA in psychology and is currently tending bar at a wine bar in San Antonio. Sounds about right for someone with a BA in psychology. In my humble opinion both of them would have been better off with certifications in a TRADE rather than THOSE degrees.

Anonymous said...

If you don't use "HOT" then use the word "SEXY". This will help:

Anonymous said...

"less than a joint"

Isn't that what the second Mrs. Green said about your endowment?

Foghorn said...

I have a problem with laws that I think perceieve to provide means to generate a never ending circle of self prophocey for backward city cops, such as small amounts of weed and speeding laws.

The number of police we have now is an amazing testamate to how government has grown into big brother. Alcohol used to be against the law, now it isn't. Was that a result of progress or the fact that, no matter how much we legislate, people are going to do certain things, so lets get the silly law off our books.

Harassment level laws should be stricken from the books. Why should the speed limit be 65 on I35in Itasca or Grandview? Is it so we can slow down to see the scenic view?

Give me Andy and Barney back and I will show you a much more tolerant society.

Jim Boyle said...

Kickingstallionsims is with Alabama State not Morehead State.

Anonymous said...

Barry, sweetie, why is it you think only boys comment on your blog?

Anonymous said...

11:32, the speed limit is 65 mph on IH35 going thru Itasca because it saves the lives of some people. There are fewer plastic flowers beside the highways there. There are fewer crosses with someone's sixteen-year-old child's name inscribed on them. The higher the speed limit, the more people die. The speed limits are a compromise between living and dying and the desire of people to drive as fast as they want. The people in Itaska have the right to force the views of the majority on the minority. We have the right to protect the lives of our children and ourselves. So slow down or you get punished.

Anonymous said...

Barry-you're a genius. I just realized that you probably get ALL KINDS of action from this here blog-referencing little Miss 12:08. So when do we get to Meet the new ex Mrs. Green?

Foghorn said...


What statistics do you have that 5 mph saves the lives of many, or even one? Logically then, lets just lower it to 25 so the city can punish the rest of those irresponsible drivers and save as many people as possible.

Your use of the word punish is that what you do when given the authority, punish those who do not agree with you? That is exactly the type of arguement foster money hungery cities to involke the majority rule.

Hey, lets save lives and get us a couple of more police cars and 3 more cops on the payroll (since Jimmy needs a job anyway). Majority rules 125 citizens to 20 votes. Next, lets increase the city jurisdiction so we can spread our creative saving lifes argument even futher, or are we really just taxing/punishing those who are inoccently driving through our town.

Lets burn some books in the Itasca high school while we are at it. I am sure a sex education class would be impracticle as well. How many of you lemming sheep will vote fot that.

Punish, jeez.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you are saying. However, the citizens of Itasca don't get any say in what the speed limit is on I-35. That's set by TXDoT.
Besides, the population of Itasca would be the minority versus the number of people travelling on I-35 on any given day

An even better name than Dick Trickle?
How about when Dick Smothers' son, Dick Jr, tried a career in porn using his own name?

Anonymous said...

Bitter and insecure, yeah right. You don’t know me very well, do you? Nor do you know what I’ve accomplished in my life. I’m very proud of who I am without a college (non-trade) degree. FYI, with a little ambition, anyone can achieve their goals in life.

I would love to know what experiences a non-trade degreed college grad may have that I personally, in all my years of life with hands on experience don’t have. Please let me know. I’m always willing to learn something new.

10:34, it is a universal life lesson to learn responsibility and be capable to follow through on assignments. You know…the latter is called integrity. Are you saying you would not have achieved these without a fluffed up college (non-trade) degree? YOWZA.

10:52 Are you saying the same? That, without the same college degree you would not have the drive or desire to complete a task? If so, I’m saddened that it took college for you the figure that out. And, do you really think I’m dumb and do not know that you can't get the hands on experience without: 1st - applying for a job, etc. Come on.

My point is flashing a fluffed up college degree (non-trade) of associate this and bachelor that might not get you anywhere.

I’m also saddened by you 10:52 and the other college grads attitudes towards your community. WOW. They must not have taught happiness in either of the colleges you guys attended. LOL. My suggestion is to move somewhere that makes you happy. Unless, you still live with your parents. Then, I can understand totally why you are stuck here.

I wish you all nothing but success and happiness in everything you do. If college is your desire, so be it. I’m only voicing my opinion from my own and, others I know life experiences.

Anonymous said...

You may be able to pull the wool over Barney's eyes, but Andy will run your a$$ in if he catches you speeding or doing weed in Mayberry.
Otis used to turn himself in after going on a bender because he knew they were gonna haul him in anyway.

Oh, and 1:26 - I bet you burnted (intentional) lots of books in your time. They must be like kryptonite to you, judging from your misspelling and wild ranting.
Statistics do show that driving slower reduces the amount of fatalites on interstates. That's how they justified lowering the speed limit in densely populated counties
jeez, indeed

Foghorn said...


Nope, no burning on my end. Just lots of reading, riting and rawsling.

What is the speed limit in densely populated towns, 55. Why does the speed limit decrease by 5 mph, in rural areas. You may want to stand behind the saving life argument but call it what it is, creating a speed trap and taxing others. What does a ticket cost in your fair city. Betcha its over $100 bucks minimum. Is that equal to the crime.

Logically, would someone who opines drug laws should be above small minimums, also be burning books. Perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't tell you what a ticket costs in my town, because I tend to drive the speed limit. Also, I don't know what "rawsling" is, and you still are not making any sense.
The burning reference was a metaphor

Francine Fishpaw said...


I assume you have a damn good present lined up already for your oh so tolerant significant other as you are wasting precious time going on yet another Itasca P.D. rant.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's Cody Duty, and yes, he's Joe and Julie's son.

He's finishing up an internship in photography working with some of the best of the best at the Dallas Morning News, and then heading to another internship in Austin.

Cody, we're proud of ya!

Anonymous said...

"What statistics do you have that 5 mph saves the lives of many, or even one?" SH114 @ FM2123. How many lives have been saved there since the speed limit was reduced. And just think, each rock truck driver using that stretch of roadway gives up a few seconds of their day to slow down a bit.

This is what I said: "The speed limits are a compromise between living and dying and the desire of people to drive as fast as they want." I did not say to post 25 mph limits on our interstates.

I say 55 mph would be good. You like 85 mph or no speed limit at all. The compromise is 65 mph. The compromised limit will cause more to die than I want and fewer to die than you want, or a least that you are willing to sacrifice so you can get on down the road.

Anonymous said...

And, from a former and proud teacher of Cody's - check out his blog for some more amazing photos.

Anonymous said...

OK, grandpa at 3:52. 55? are you serious?

Anonymous said...

Barry, you seem to have missed Obama screwing up with his teleprompter....perhaps you are but a day late.

haleyy said...

Those girls were on Real World: Sydney, Australia. Their names are Shavonne and Trisha.

Foghorn said...

Ok, I agree to drive 55, but I don't have to be sober. Deal.

Good that you have not had a speeding ticket, they would have found your bong.

Anonymous said...

I graduated from MOREHEAD STATE UNIVERSITY in 1979. One of my classmates was Phil SImms, former NY Giant player.

I went to work in the corporate world and moved to Texas 16 yrs ago.

After a total of 25 yrs of management, hiring and firing and promoting, I can tell you having a college degree says a lot about a person. But, I have had PH D's working for me that were brilliant, some not so smart, some others that had no degree at all that seemed to "get it". Each person has different wheels turning inside.

The MOST important thing is to understand the goals of your bosses' boss and work to help your department reach those goals. You will get recognized and rewarded.

Anonymous said...

Theese fools that want to legalize drugs never cease to amaze me.How on earth could you tell if they were to f----- to drive to work, climb a derrick,operate machinery or any other function safely.Just ask them I guess.You have to be shi-----me.Besides if were legal a lot of lawers would be out of work.By the way guns are not responsible for the killings in Mexico; its theese fools that fuel the drug trade.If you don't think pot won't finally ruin your mind try to hold a conversation with my brother. DAGO

Anonymous said...

Man, I think these are some of the longest comments I have ever seen on this blog. How boring.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how an entry about Iraqi soccer is turned into a mzchief rant. It’s unfortunate that she turns every issue into a description of how wonderful she is and how ignorant all who have comments about her are.

Just wondering, why is this blog the only place she seems to display her great intellect? The corrupt Runaway Bay City has been spared her wrath. Why is that? Is she part of that mess?

Anonymous said...

Mzchief your a Tard no matter what.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 12:05 HATER...
You failed to note that my ORIGINAL comment on the Iraq Soccer Shooting was congratulating someone for making an incredibly humourous comment. You haters are the ones who turned the comments into being about ME. YOU are the one who had to drag 03.17.09 comments into 03.18.09 blog comments and did not post your 12:05 comment until 03.19.09. You are either incredibly slllooooowwww or unbelievably PATHETIC.

Note, Barry's first comment on his 03.18.09 blog was ABOUT ME. If you do not want the topic to be about me then YOU need to STOP making it about me, you jealous git.

Get over me being me and get on with you being you. Oh right. you spending your time hating ME is better than you being you.

Anonymous said...

Mzchief still thinks it's all about her. She hasn't described all of her many contributions to our community. Just squats in front of her computer expounding - accomplishing nothing!

Anonymous said...

Mzchief said, "Law enforcement in Wise County have too much integrity to EVER engage in criminal behaviour such as that in Tulia."

I AM SHOCKED!! How many of you recall Mzchief's bashing of our local law enforcement officers in the past year or two? I CERTAINLY DO!!

My my!!! What has happened that has caused such a turn around in her "high" opinion?

mzchief said...

To anonymous...
YOU are either a liar or mistaken.

I have NEVER bashed Wise County law enforcement. The ONLY THING in Wise County worth spit is the law enforcement. I actually agree with the RAB officers enforcing the speed limit in RAB. If people want to drive faster than 55 in RAB then they need to raise the speed limit otherwise be prepared to pay fines.

Years ago, WC sheriff's deputies were nothing more than a bunch of Barney Fife wannabes but things have changed since David Walker became the High Sheriff.

I have actually posted praise for THREE individual law enforcement officers plus those of Sheriff Walker. I have NEVER had any dealings with Decatur PD thus have NEVER said ANYTHING about Decatur PD.

You are just more proof that you haters are IDIOTS