Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "Everything happens for a reason." As I saw someone else say a couple of days ago, I've never really believed that. It just has some pre-destination feel to it that doesn't seem right.
  • OU women's basketball coach, Sherri Coale, has always sort of jazzed me.
  • If you would have bought Citigroup stock a couple of weeks ago, you would have more than doubled your money by now.
  • I avoid, if at all possible, any voluntary gathering where more than four or five people I know will be there.
  • Walmart is going to start having stores dedicated to our friends south of the border.
  • Dale Hansen yesterday on ESPN local radio: "Drug addiction and alcoholism are not diseases . . . . When you can go to the doctor for a problem and the remedy is to 'don't do it anymore', then it's not a disease."
  • The Montague jail scandal has now made a Yahoo slideshow.
  • I think I see things through a tunnel as opposed to globally. If I walk into an unfamiliar room and then walk out, I can't tell you anything about about it. (Carpet or hardwood? Wallpaper or paint? Number of chairs? Ceiling type? I don't have a clue.)
  • I'd be a horrible crime scene witness.
  • I'll admit that Iraq has calmed down. But once we leave, whether it be in one year or twenty years, it will turn into a disaster.
  • PBS had a special last night which was basically a helicopter view of Ireland. Oh, the places I want to go.
  • I left something obvious off my list my "Socialism in America" list from a couple of weeks ago: Social Security.
  • Motorcycle accident shut down I-30 by Six Flags this morning. I-35 in Denton was shut down to a motorcycle accident yesterday.
  • Actress Natasha Richardson is in critical condition after a skiing accident in Canada. I really didn't know who she was but I learned she is the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave, married to Liam Neeson, and was one of the moms in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap.
  • My twitter username is "BSG". I've found that quite a few people follow me because apparently they think it is an acronym for "Battlestar Galactica."
  • There's has been so much of the countryside along 287 between Decatur and Rhome that has been destroyed with unsightly construction of utilities and businesses.
  • Edit: I've posted this pic before?